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We think news on the internet is broken. Too much writing is optimized and incentivized for traffic and virality, instead of impact and quality. Modern publications hardly have a relationship with their audience, because they focus on viral hits instead of sustained readership.

Email provides an excellent channel to re-align those incentives. If we can convince you to subscribe to one of our newsletters, we have the chance to deliver something great to you on a regular basis. We don’t need to pay for social network traffic or optimize our headlines for virality in order to reach you again – we just hit publish and our stories land in your inbox. And of course, if we don’t deliver value, you can simply unsubscribe.

We are focused on delivering as much value as possible to you, in every one of our newsletters. Anything we publish goes through a rigorous editorial process and is a polished piece of work that we are proud to send to you – and we’ll always encourage you to hit reply and let us know how we can do a better job.

We can’t wait to hear what you think.

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Jason Calacanis


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Austin Smith


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Lon Harris

Editor in Chief

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Krystle Vermes

News writer/curator

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Augusto Ruibal

Web developer

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Beth Spotswood

Editor, Inside San Francisco

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David Strom

Editor, Inside Security

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Kim Lyons

Managing Editor, technology

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Ron Abegg

Web developer

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Tessa Love

Editor, Inside Cannabis

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David Stegon

Writer, Inside Bitcoin

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Rebecca McClay

Finance editor

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Nate Morton

Editor, Inside Beer

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Josh Molina

Tech editor

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Johan Moreno

Special Projects

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Deidre Woolard

Editor, Inside Real Estate

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Deb Kees

Tech editor

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Wilson Peng

Sales lead

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Beth Duckett

Writer, Inside Daily Brief