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Inside AI (Jul 12th, 2017)

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I just sent out our midweek edition of Inside AI, which only our premium subscribers receive – but I made an error in the CMS and sent a blurred out version of it to all subscribers. I'm sorry for the inconvenience.

Here are two ways we're aiming to fix this:

1) below is an unblurred version of the midweek issue...for free!

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Welcome to the Premium edition of InsideAI!  Thanks to Kylie and Ascent for their sponsorship of this newsletter.  This midweek edition has some great links, and the first company report will be available soon.  Stay tuned.

Lots of cool stuff going on midweek in the A.I. world.

There is now an A.I. driven automated Amazon seller.  It isn't very good.

Microsoft creates a new AI lab to challenge Google's DeepMind.

Darpa wants brain implants that record 1 million neurons.  Definitely a big step towards our human-A.I. merger.

Deep Learning is not always the answer.  Here is a great post about when not to use it.

A great Practictioner's view of the nuances of model interpretability.

Cheat Sheets for AI, Neural Nets, and Machine Learning.

Google is using ML to sort good apps from bad apps in the Play store.  

DeepMind's AI is teaching itself parkour.

The MIT Media Lab is using ML to quantify neighborhood change.

That's all for the midweek update.  Thanks for subscribing.  See you all Sunday.


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