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Inside AI (Jun 12th, 2019)

Due to a transcription error, some of Ruchir Puri's conversation from AI Live was incorrect in today's Inside AI newsletter. Here's the corrected version. We regret the error. 

Many thanks to IBM Watson for sponsoring our first-ever Inside AI Live conference last month in San Francisco. We’re going to share some of the videos of the talks by our outstanding speakers. Today’s installment is from Ruchir Puri, CTO and chief architect of IBM Watson.

Nobody wants to buy AI, Ruchir Puri says. "AI is a means to an end and 94 percent of enterprise customers feel that AI is the way to the future for them." He emphasized, most don’t care about the math behind the AI, they really want to know how it’s going to solve their problem or make their existing processes more efficient.
He adds, "Learning more from less data is critically important in enterprises who where labeled data is limited in many use cases, “That’s exactly where we have specialized [at IBM Watson].”
Critically important, he says: focus on concrete, end customer value. Puri cited a customer whose AI use saw the cost of their customer service calls reduced from about $10 per call to about 1 dollar per call.
“Focus on the outcomes, not the technology itself,” he advised. 

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