Inside Amazon - December 26th, 2016

Inside Amazon (Dec 26th, 2016)

AMZN Stock Price: $760.59 (yesterday), $780.37 (30 days ago), $799.16 (90 days), $662.79 (1 year) 
The Fraternal Order of Police (FOP), the US's largest police union, is demanding that Amazon follow Walmart's lead in removing a Black Lives Matter t-shirt from sale. The union has declared that the shirt, with reads "Bulletproof: Black Lives Matter," is offensive. As of this morning, the shirt (which is an item from a third-party vendor) was still listed on, but now carries a "currently unavailable" status. Chuck Canterbury, president of the FOP, told The Guardian that he was not surprised the shirt was still listed, as he considers Amazon a "pretty liberal marketer." – FOX

Amazon is allowing non-Prime members to watch the first seasons of three of their most popular series, as part of a week-long promotion. Through December 31st, the first seasons of "Bosch," "Man in the High Castle," and "Mozart in the Jungle" will be available in their entirety for free. – CINEMABLEND

Amazon has launched a new brand, Wickedly Prime, specializing in gourmet items for foodies. Unlike several other brands under the Amazon private-label umbrella, which often are disassociated from the company itself, this new service features ‘Prime’ in the name and also the distinctive Amazon ‘smile’ in its logo. – TC

Reuters reports on Amazon Prime's new 40-strong fleet of cargo jets. The planes have been flying full but with lightweight loads, siphoning business away from FedEx and UPS. Those two shipping companies have begun charging customers for shipping volume rather than weight, fees Amazon can combat by shipping its own roomy cardboard packages. So far, Amazon has said it leased the fleet only to speed up holiday shipping. – REUTERS

CNBC looks at seller JC Berg's breach of contract lawsuit against Amazon. The company agreed to buy 4000 hoverboards from Berg for $1.5 million for the 2015 holiday shopping season. Berg supplied an initial 3000 of the boards, but says he never saw a dime from Amazon, and says he was further "blackballed" when he refused to accept the company's suggestion of "improper price concessions." – CNBC

Four-year-old Amazon India suffered a major loss of about $500 million over the last financial year. That's nearly ten times the losses that the company posted in 2014. Amazon faces direct competition in India from homegrown e-commerce marketplaces Snapdeal and Flipkart. – IBTIMES

With Kenneth Lonergan's "Manchester By The Sea" looking certain to land numerous Oscar nominations, Collider argues that Amazon will beat Netflix in the "race" for a streaming service to get Oscar nods. The writer notes the huge difference in business models as a major factor: unlike Netflix, Amazon is hunting prestige and playing by studio rules. By filling theaters with movies by filmmakers like Lonergan, Whit Stillman, Park Chan-wook, and Jim Jarmusch, Collider argues that Amazon is behaving like a Hollywood studio in the 1970s, when the mainstream release schedule was full of the work of individual "auteurs" like Martin Scorsese and Brian De Palma. – COLLIDER

How do you think Amazon can avoid accusations of becoming a monopoly as they eat up more-and-more of the US's retail world?

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