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Inside Apple (Jun 14th, 2019)

Tim Cook meets with Trump / #FollowFriday: @Coll_eenn / Under-the-Radar apps of the month

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1. Apple CEO Tim Cook met with President Trump at the White House on Thursday as trade tensions with China continue to smolder. The meeting was revealed by Trump, not Cook. Trump has threatened to impose tariffs on $300 billion worth of imports from China, which would include Apple devices, unless an exemption can be worked out. Cook has, thus far, been successful at personally representing Apple’s interests in talks with the administration. — POLITICO

2. Apple requires Comcast and Charter to sell discounted Apple devices — and eat the costs — in order to include the iPhone in their newly launched mobile plans. The cable companies decided it was worth the heavy price because they couldn’t fathom launching mobile plans without the iPhone. The plans are part of a joint mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) agreement reselling Verizon’s network capacity to their cable subscribers. As an example of Apple’s strength in this deal, Comcast sells the 32GB standard iPad for $422.99, while its list price is $459, and Comcast has to eat that $36 discount. — CNBC

3. #FollowFriday: @Coll_eenn

Colleen Novielli is a product manager at Apple responsible for the biggest and most beautiful parts of the Mac line. Many Apple enthusiasts were introduced to her on epsiode 237 of Upgrade in March, when she joined Myke Hurley and Jason Snell to talk about this spring’s updated iMacs. The rest of the world met Colleen on stage at WWDC on June 3, when she showed off the radiant glory of the new 6K Pro Display XDR.

Apple is clearly turning over a new leaf by putting all these exciting young people on stage and letting them go on podcasts and such. But it’s not just Apple PR doing its job; Colleen is clearly a rising star at Apple, and it’s exciting that one of Apple’s rising stars is a champion for the Mac. Anybody who thought the Mac was going by the wayside in recent years need only spend a minute listening to Colleen to know the Mac’s best days are still ahead.

4. Huawei will delay its Mate X foldable phone until September. The original plan was to launch in June, but after Samsung’s foldable phone launch failed disastrously, Huawei decided to do some more testing. It’s a good time for Huawei to be cautious; U.S./China trade disputes are forcing the company to build its own OS from scratch, which will further compound the risks of launching new hardware. — CNBC

5. Apple has updated Logic Pro X, its professional audio editing software, to take full advantage of the power of the upcoming Mac Pro. Logic now supports up to 56 simultaneous processing threads, 1,000 channel strips, 1,000 external MIDI tracks, and 12 sends per channel. The new Mac Pro can handle five times more real-time plugins than the 2013 model could. Apple used this launch opportunity to include some quotes from renowned producers that underline its renewed commitment to pro users. — MACRUMORS

6. If you’re wondering if you’re in the market for a new Mac Pro, you probably aren’t. This machine is for the most demanding Mac users out there. AppleInsider has interviewed prospective Mac Pro buyers about why they need a machine this powerful, and if you don’t know what they’re talking about, an iMac Pro is probably enough computer for you. These folks don’t all fit Apple’s PR mold of music producers and movie editors, either; some of them work for the U.S. Department of Defense and spoke to AppleInsider on a condition of anonymity. — APPLEINSIDER

Under-the-Radar Apps of the Month: On the second Friday of each month, we’ll show you some new or newly updates apps you might not know about. What do you think of this month’s apps? Got an app you’d like featured here? Reply and let us know!

7. Krikey for iOS
Jhanvi and Ketaki Shriram

If you’ve been interested in the new augmented reality stuff Apple’s been shipping, check out Krikey, a combination AR game and social app made by two sisters that lets you create and play with virtual objects and characters and share the videos with your friends.

8. Alfred for Mac
Andrew and Vero Pepperrell

For Mac power users who don’t like to take their hands off their keyboards even for a second, Alfred has long been a favored launcher of apps, searches, and more complex workflows. Version 4 has just arrived, adding more powerful automation tools and visual customizations. Check out The Sweet Setup’s review to learn more.

9. Soulver 3 for Mac
Acqualia Software

Soulver is a unique app for working with numbers that’s something between a notepad, a spreadsheet, and a calculator. Its text-based input method lets you write out thoughts that are actually math problems, and it intelligently calculates the math parts for you and shows you the reults. See the MacStories review to get a sense of how simple and awesome the new version is. Soulver is also on iOS, but it’s not on version 3 yet, so you might want to hold off for that.

10. Twitterrific 6 for iOS
The Iconfactory

Twitter did not figure out that its mascot should be a bird. No, that work was done by Twitterrific, one of the longest standing (and still standing) third-party iOS apps for Twitter. Even after all these years of Twitter squashing down its ecosystem to standardize how Twitter looks and works, Twitterrific manages to find new ways to enhance the Twitter experience for those dissatisfied with the official client. Check out the MacStories review for more.

Jon Mitchell has been a tech journalist since 2010. He covered Apple, Google, and the societal effects of social media for the storied blog ReadWriteWeb (now ReadWrite). He co-hosts Internet Friends, a podcast about life online with occasional lengthy digressions into Apple news. He’s the author of In Real Life: Searching for Connection in High-Tech Times from Parallax Press. He has recently, reticently returned to Twitter at @ablaze.

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