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Inside Apple (Jul 25th, 2019)

Suppliers expect stable iPhone sales / #ThrowbackThursday: Apple IIe / DJ Khaled is Apple Music’s first artist-in-residence

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I used an Apple II in school. I definitely wouldn’t be writing these words to you if my elementary school hadn’t been full of Apple computers, nor would I have any of the skills that got me any of my jobs. What was your earliest experience with computers? Hit reply and share your story.

– Jon

1. Foxconn, Pegatron, TSMC, and other primary iPhone suppliers and manufacturers are preparing for 2019 iPhone sales at similar volumes to 2018. Analysts estimate Apple sold 70 to 80 million iPhones from their September 2018 release to the end of the year, and suppliers are building up for the same capacity this year. The overall smartphone market continues to be weak, so stability is good, but the years of double-digit growth are long gone. — BLOOMBERG

2. The new Justice Department antitrust investigation could hurt Apple and Google the most, according to Macquarie analysts. As the dominant app store providers, the 30 percent commission rate both companies charge for purchases and subscriptions on their stores is under scrutiny. According to Macquarie, for every 5 percent drop in this rate imposed by a potential ruling, Apple would lose 4.5 percent of its operating income, and Google would lose 3.6 percent. — MARKETS INSIDER

3. #ThrowbackThursday: The Apple IIe was the last model of the Apple II, released in January 1983. Apple had planned to discontinue the Apple II when the Apple III came out in 1980, but the system just proved to be a workhorse for many kinds of customers, so it just kept on ticking. The Apple IIe was manufactured and sold with very few changes for almost 11 years, making it the longest-lived computer in Apple’s history.

The “e” stands for “enhanced,” but like many of Apple’s designs in its initial growth period, the IIe sold well in the education market. Its graphical interface and strong software catalog made it a great teaching tool. Is it still as great 36 years later? Well, Kyle Weber shot this video at an Apple IIe lab in an elementary school in June 2019. Still ticking! — @KYLEW01

4. Attorney General William Barr went on a screed against consumer encryption at a conference at Fordham University on Tuesday. He says the only good technique protecting our privacy and security “seriously degrades” law enforcement’s capabilities and creates “victims.” Unfortunately, he’s completely wrong about the risks and benefits of encryption. Compromising it with government backdoors would be a huge security threat and eliminating it would make online banking, for example, technically impossible. — ARS TECHNICA

5. Samsung says it has fixed the Galaxy Fold, and it will launch in September. The Galaxy Fold was indefinitely delayed after a disastrous rollout to press reviewers in which most of the review units broke. Samsung says it has extended a critical protective screen layer that some reviewers peeled off thinking it was part of the packaging, and it has reinforced parts of the device against particles. The Galaxy Fold will now launch four months later than planned, right smack in the middle of new-iPhone-season. It will still retail at $1,980. — THE VERGE

6. HomeKit and AirPlay 2 support are only coming to 2019-model LG smart TVs, not to older models, as was reported yesterday. Either reporters, LG comms people, or both screwed up the announcement. The rollout of the software update with these great iOS integrations will begin today… for this year’s TVs. — SCREEN TIMES

7. SoftBank is raising money for the sequel to its Vision Fund, a $100 billion pool of money being dumped on new tech, and Apple has joined the party. SoftBank is raising $40 billion for the new fund, and Apple, Goldman Sachs, and the government of Kazakhstan are among the backers. — WALL STREET JOURNAL

8. The new data migration process launched in iOS 12.4 this week is a surprisingly big change. Now, instead of your old device authorizing your new device to download your data from iCloud, it locally transfers the data itself, making it friendlier to accounts on small iCloud storage tiers — and more privacy-conscious. — MACRUMORS

9. Apple devices can be a big help in emergency situations, but only if you can keep the batteries charged and the mobile data consumption below the cap. Michael Steeber just had to do this in a three-day power outage, and he wrote a great story about how he handled it. — 9TO5MAC

10. DJ Khaled will be Apple Music’s first-ever artist-in-residence. He’ll be taking over the big playlists to surface new music and break new artists. — @DJKHALED

Jon Mitchell has been a tech journalist since 2010. He covered Apple, Google, and the societal effects of social media for the storied blog ReadWriteWeb (now ReadWrite). He co-hosts Internet Friends, a podcast about life online with occasional lengthy digressions into Apple news. He’s the author of In Real Life: Searching for Connection in High-Tech Times from Parallax Press. He has recently, reticently returned to Twitter at @ablaze.

Editor: Bobby Cherry (senior editor at Inside, who’s always on social media).

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