Inside Apple - January 10th, 2020

Inside Apple (Jan 10th, 2020)

Health tech company suing Apple / #FollowFriday: @susankare / Cursors on iPadOS

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I have tried using a trackpad with my iPad Pro (see #7), and I really wanted it to work for me. The feature is just not implemented like a real cursor for a real computer. It’s clearly a virtual finger included for accessibility reasons — and I’m glad it is! — but now that iPadOS is it’s own OS, it really deserves more than that.

— Jon

1. Apple (ticker: AAPL) reached another all-time high stock price yesterday, nearly touching $310, a goal it quickly reached this morning. The rally followed yesterday’s strong numbers about the iPhone’s recovery in China, which suggested that sales recovered even faster in December than in the months right after this year’s product launches. The lower entry price for the new basic model appears to be a winning formula. Analysts promptly scrambled to revise their price targets upwards. — CNBC

2. Health tech company Masimo and spinoff firm Cercacor are suing Apple, accusing it of stealing trade secrets related to health monitoring in the Apple Watch. Apple allegedly entered into a confidentiality agreement with the companies to pursue a business partnership, pulled out of it, and then hired away key employees, using what the companies allege was patent-infringing technology. The complainants contend that this was actually a “targeted effort to obtain information and expertise.” — @MARKGURMAN

3. #FollowFriday: @susankare

Susan Kare is probably already your favorite designer, whether you know it or not. She works at Pinterest, but she’s known for designing the original Mac icons. Like, all the classics. The smiling start-up Mac (and the frowning one you never want to see), the watch cursor, the bomb, even the good old dogcow. Susan Kare drew those.

That’s why she was particularly dismayed by Samsung’s Samsung Pass presentation this week, where it revealed an absolutely shameless rip-off of Apple’s Face ID and Touch ID icons. Those were both after Kare’s time at Apple, but the Face ID icon is styled after the classic Finder icon Kare drew. She responded with a completely iconic :n( emoticon.

4. Apple CEO Tim Cook will receive an award from Ireland’s prime minister to thank Apple for 40 years of investment in the country. Apple is one of Ireland’s biggest employers, so it’s understandable that the government would want to celebrate it, but it’s somewhat uncomfortably timed. Apple is embroiled in a European General Court case accusing it of unfair exploitation of tax loopholes in Ireland. — BLOOMBERG

5. TiVo has let down customers by announcing that its streaming apps for Roku and Apple TV are “in limbo.” The apps would allow TiVo users to stream live and recorded video from their TiVo box at home to their other devices. TiVo demonstrated the apps at CES a year ago, but by the anniversary of that demo, the project had been canned. — TECHHIVE

6. Jorge Freire Jr. of Brazil went to the hospital following the advice of his Apple Watch, which saved his life. When Freire arrived and got checked out, he was in tachycardia, which doctors were able to treat in time. He emailed Apple CEO Tim Cook to thank him for this life-saving technology, and Cook replied to wish him well. — 9TO5MAC

7. Apple needs to go further than the limited Assistive Touch cursor and implement full-blown mouse and trackpad support in iPadOS. There are so many interactions for which an indirect pointer is better for precise work than a touch interface. — MACWORLD

8. You can’t run apps on AirPods — yet? — but there are enough “voice first” apps available now that they’re becoming a computing platform in their own right. There are audio-focused apps for social networking, work collaboration, transcription, and even device-to-device calls across a 100-meter radius with no internet connection required. — APPLE MUST

9. At CES this week, Alpine released a humongous after-market CarPlay receiver the size of an iPad Pro. It also announced still-quite-large weather-resistant ones designed for Jeeps. It’s nice to see hardware progress on the CarPlay experience, but it really just makes me want an Apple-designed car interior. — 9TO5MAC

10. Designer Nick Sherman took a tour of the modern web on an iPad 1, and the results are pretty sad. There are some winners, including Netflix and Wikipedia, but many modern websites and web apps don’t load anything at all. To be clear, this is the website's fault, not the iPad’s. — @NICKSHERMAN

Jon Mitchell has been a tech journalist since 2010. He covered Apple, Google, and the societal effects of social media for the storied blog ReadWriteWeb (now ReadWrite). He co-hosts Internet Friends, a podcast about life online with occasional lengthy digressions into Apple news. He’s the author of In Real Life: Searching for Connection in High-Tech Times from Parallax Press. He has recently, reticently returned to Twitter at @ablaze.

Edited by Sheena Vasani, staff writer at Inside.

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