Inside XR - October 26th, 2016

Inside XR (Oct 26th, 2016)

Virtual reality has given us a brand new way to embarrass ourselves and then end up as comedy gold on YouTube. Hit "Reply" and send us more VR pratfalls! So funny! (Seriously though we hope everyone's okay.)

Guy Falls While Playing Virtual Reality

Be careful out there, virtual reality newbies.

In a viral video making the rounds this week, a guy was trying out a VR rock climbing game called “The Climb” on Oculus Rift when he took a fall — literally. He became so immersed in the experience that he forgot there wasn’t really a rock wall in front of him and face-planted into the real-life, very hard floor. 

Fortunately he wasn’t hurt, so we don’t have to feel too bad about helplessly laughing and watching this over and over.

One original version of the clip was filmed by Niall Kelly on Instagram — it looks like this happened in a Microsoft store in San Francisco's Union Square, where the employees will probably be getting additional safety training after all this fuss. 

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