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Inside XR (Nov 2nd, 2016)

Reviews are coming in for the PlayStation VR and its first wave of immersive experiences. Which games are the standouts for you, and how do they compare to other platforms? Hit "Reply" and let us know.

Super Hypercube Review

The PlayStation VR headset debuted with some really elaborate games and experiences — but perhaps the most enjoyable one is also the simplest.

Slate makes this argument in their review of Super Hypercube, a kind of 3D virtual Tetris developed by Kokoromi: “a puzzle game so simple, intuitive, and satisfying that you find yourself wanting just one more game — and then another.” 

Originally created as an art installation for an experimental gaming event in Montreal, the game finds a way to add 3D graphics and movement into the simple premise of Tetris. Not only do players have to rotate the shapes to fit them through an oncoming hole, they have to lean left and right to see what’s coming. 

“Full of incandescent starscapes and tunnels striated with rainbow light, Super Hypercube radiates with a sleek, stylish sense of nostalgia reminiscent of ‘70s and ‘80s science fiction,” writes Laura Hudson. “It’s a game made for technology once considered futuristic, and it intentionally evokes how we once dreamed about the future.”

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