Inside XR - May 21st, 2018

Inside XR (May 21st, 2018)

Tvor update / Flight Goggles for drones / Australia's IXL lab

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The VR art animation app Tvori has been updated to include sound. The app is similar to more popular apps such as Tilt Brush, Blocks, or Oculus Medium, enabling users with any skill set to create and animate VR scenes. The Tvori 0.3 update lets users upload or create audio clips, position the origin of the sound, and integrate the timing of the sound with the existing animation framework. Users can also now import and add models and even skinned characters from other apps, and there's a new keyframe animation mode for more precise animation work. — VENTUREBEAT

89% of companies still use multiple video conferencing platforms.

How does your company stack up vs the industry? The State of Video Conferencing 2018 report showcases the different video conferencing options and their ideal setups, so you can assess whether your communication technology needs to change.

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MIT engineers have created a VR environment to train drones. The system is called "Flight Goggles" and it allows drones to see virtual obstacles while flying around in an empty test facility. Flight Goggles uses a motion capture system, an image rendering program, on-board electronics including IMUs, and custom-built circuit boards. The system is being tested at MIT's Building 31 and creates a configurable virtual environment that can be transmitted to the drone at 90 frames per second. The MIT team will show the technology at the IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation May 21-25 in Brisbane, Australia. — ROADTOVR

HP Inc. is teaming up with DiSTI to create VR training programs for enterprise customers. DiSTI is a platform for user interface software and custom 3D training solutions. The companies are partnering to create maintenance and operations training in VR for vehicle, aircraft and industrial equipment systems. DiSTI’s new VE Studio software lets customers develop their own virtual training applications or have DiSTI and HP professional services teams assist in designing and building the program. — TECHRADAR

Australia is opening a new Immersive Environments Lab (IXL) to develop AR, VR, and 3D web technologies. The lab is being built by Data61, the data science arm of the CSIRO, Australia’s federal research agency. The facility is based in the Australian capital, Canberra, and is equipped with wearable holographic computers, virtual touch displays, spatial cameras, interactive mapping systems and motion capture devices. The IXL will facilitate collaboration between business, industry, the government, and schools. — COSMOS

NextVR is releasing a highlight reel of the NBA's 2017-18 season. The company partnered with the NBA last year to broadcast 27 games featuring all 30 teams live in VR via an Official League Pass subscription. Even without the subscription, the 2017-2018 MVP highlights are out now on the NextVR app, which is available on the Samsung GearVR, Google Daydream View, PlayStation VR or Windows Mixed Reality headset. NextVR plans to also release rookie of the year highlights for free featuring up-and-coming talents such as Donovon Mitchell, Jayson Tatum and Ben Simmons. — VRSCOUT

The new Sensor Bounds app shows users the tracking volume of a system's sensors from inside VR. The app was created by H2K Studios. It adjusts to your room size with no prior setup and works with both two and 3+ sensor configurations. When the app is booted up, users can select a sensor and it will project a cone that shows the sensor's point of view, including any dead spots so that you can make adjustments to the setup. — VENTUREBEAT

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