Inside Electric Vehicles - June 28th, 2016

Inside Electric Vehicles (Jun 28th, 2016)

A Tesla Model S breaks the Pikes Peak record, Nissan touts upcoming breakthroughs, Elon Musk's "solid metal snake" gets a nicer looking cousin, Maserati considering an EV, and an Australian company is offering all-you-can-charge EV charging for $1/day.
At the 100th Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, driver Blake Fuller broke the record for his class in a Tesla Model S. Fuller topped the previous record by a minute, and managed the 156-corner, 12.42-mile course in 11:48. – AUTO EVOLUTION

Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn says his company is close to debuting two EV tech breakthroughs: a range extender and a single-lane semi-autonomous autopilot. The range extender, E-Power, has already made its soft debut on Nissan’s Gripz crossover concept, but will not be featured in the U.S. or on the Nissan Leaf. Both technologies should debut in Japan before April of 2017. – CNET

Navigant research reports that long-distance EV travel needs for the 100 biggest U.S. cities could be met by installing 408 DC fast-charging stations around the country. A total of just 95 stations would allow for traveling cross-country or up and down both coasts. – CLEANTECHINCA

Hackaday presents a throwback profile of Germany's early EV Hotzenblitz Mobile innovators. Setting out to design a vehicle in 1988, The engineers were seeking a "new kind of car. Smaller, lighter, cleaner, and more beautiful." The 4-seat convertible Hotzenblitz "El Sport" debuted in 1990, and is today a collector's item. – HACKADAY

Car Buzz profiles The Kia Soul EV, which it calls "the last of the first generation of electric cars." – CARBUZZ

In the wake of the success of Tesla's Model S, Maserati parent company Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) is considering an electric version of its Maserati Alfieri sports car concept. FCA has been notably slow to roll-out any wide-ranging EV plans. CEO Sergio Marchionne says, "I'm not as convinced as some are that electrification is the solution for all of man's ills." – VENTURE BEAT

Australian electric utility company AGL will offer Australians drivers a $1/day “all-you-can-eat” charge for drivers who have one of the company’s smart meters. EV Obsession reports the deal is certainly simple, if not necessarily cheaper considering variables like hours of use and charger locations. – EV OBSESSION

One resourceful Tesla fan has come up with "The Evtron," an autonomous charging system that guides a Model S's charging cable into the receptacle, with no human interaction necessary. Elon Musk teased a similar system in 2014, comparing the instrument to a "solid metal snake." Inventor Deepak MItal's "Evtron" is less creepy to watch, but still pretty slow. – VERGE

At the Tesla subreddit, user stomvi shares pictures of his "new baby," a silver Model X, sitting in his very nice garage. Finding a detail in the photo, Sandy_lyle says "Blinds in the garage! I hope to be blinds in the garage rich one day!"; majesticjg says "I am absolutely floored at how good that silver looks on the X"; Emizor keeps it simple: "What a beauty."

On the EV subreddit, ukfan758 asks members to advise him on the particulars of an 1,000 mile EV road trip. WDDavis4692 says "In a top-of-the-range Tesla, probably 5 Supercharger stops."; BraveRock adds the trip is "going to be tough without a level 3 charging option and 200+ mile range."
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