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Inside Automotive (Oct 28th, 2016)

Quebec accepts ZEV mandate, Tesla's three goals, Uber wants flying EVs, Farday Future teaser, Proterra to produce EV bus fleet for Chicago

Tesla's expected unveiling of their solar roof will occur later today at a press conference at 5:30 PT. The event will be broadcast live at – MARKETWATCH

Quebec has become the latest market to adopt a Zero Emission Mandate (ZEV), thanks in large part to a substantial push from Tesla. The EV carmaker made news earlier this year by hiring two powerful lobbyists to help push the mandate through. This makes Quebec the 11th North American market to adopt a similar mandate, as well as the first Canadian province. The mandate pushes for EV to corral a 15.5% market share by 2025. (45% of the EVs sold in Canada are bought in Quebec.) – ELECTREK

Tesla is partnering with a Florida transit agency to start a "ride-hailing service for transit users," in a move apparently unrelated to the forthcoming 'Tesla Network' ride-sharing service. The deal is with Florida's Hillsborough Area Regional Transit Authority (HART). When contacted, Tesla reps said the deal was a "transactional one," and that the ride-hailing business would be largely HART's affair. (The 'Tesla Network' will reportedly be kicked off once the company's self-driving software is released.) – ELECTREK

As part of Wednesday's earnings call presentation, Tesla CEO Elon Musk laid out his three main goals for the company. Musk's stated goals are to make sure the Model 3 is released on time and priced affordably; to evolve the autonomy software; and to improve the vehicle battery packs. There was also some trash talk aimed at competitors alongside the main purpose of the presentation: confirming a third-quarter profit for the company. – SALON

Uber has announced plans for a flying EV service by 2026. The project, Uber Elevate, is for a fleet of on-demand electric Vertical Take-Off and Landing (VTOL) aircraft. The aircraft will carry multiple people at around 150 mph, reducing commute times by more than 80%. Uber will team with private companies and the U.S. government to develop the technology. The first vehicles are expected by 2021, with the actual Elevate service not expected for another five years. – BI

Inching ever-closer to a reveal, Faraday Future today released a video to tease the company's upcoming production car. "Can't hear the engine?" text during the commercial asks, "you're not supposed to." (The LA Times reported earlier this week that the company's finances were uncertain.) – ENGADGET

EV company Proterra has just signed a lease with powerful Chicago real estate company JLL to replace the Downtown area's diesel shuttle buses with all-electric ones. The deal will provide JLL (which owns residential buildings in Downtown Chicago) with tenant shuttles that are more economical to operate, as well as credit for helping the city meet decarbonization goals. Proterra has been focused on extending the range of its EV battery pack, and have recently produced a version that can hit 600 miles, "long enough to satisfy... every urban bus route in the country." – CLEAN TECHNICA

Business Insider has an infographic presenting speculation and info about the current state of the various raw materials needed to "fuel the electric car" boom that's on the horizon. The chart examines demand, production, and supply factors for battery materials cobalt, graphite, and lithium. (The infographic is part of a five-part 'Battery Series' that BI has been running.) – BI

At the Tesla Motors Club, member zer0cool worries that the Model 3 he wants is getting pretty expensive. Considering all the options and add-ons he wants to go with, he fears he's above 75k. He asks his friends on the TMC what they think.

Booga says, "I think you're right and the price is now a concern of mine... Depending on the pricing of the options, there's a chance I will delay my delivery and/or just wait another 5 years for prices to have fallen a little bit."

Flamingoezz writes, "I'm hopeful that with batteries done at 5x the scale they are produced now, at Tesla's own Gigafactory, that the pricing will be cut 25% from their current costs for the Model 3... I'm afraid though that this car is going to be more than most anticipated when you start getting options. On the bright side, those that weather the storm will likely get their car a little sooner as some reservations may drop out in the coming weeks."

jbcarioca adds, "You probably are roughly in line with what will happen. In the speculation threads I have speculated that the fully loaded car will probably be roughly $100,000... To stay below $75,000 you'll need to exclude a few goodies like special wheels."

commasign, his enthusiasm undampened, writes, "Still a bargain! The Model S P100D I want is $167000 plus tax!"

jonnyg voices reason, and writes, "I don't know why everyone is expecting to get a sweet car with every single possible option that's a little smaller than an S for like half the price or something of an S/X. Tesla said they would make an even more affordable car than an S in their master plan. As in less expensive, not super cheap but still amazing so that every person on the planet could buy one. It's still a luxury car and not everyone is going to be able to afford it and not everyone that can buy one can get it loaded for an extra $15k or whatever they think they deserve."

And Garlan Garner asks the most relevant question: "Tesla hasn't even presented a price list yet, have they?"
Word is that Tesla will later today reveal their plans for a solar sunroof, equipped with the company's Powerball 2.0 battery. Is this the kind of innovation that will spur the EV revolution? Are there any other rumored Tesla inventions or advancements you're dying to see implemented in their vehicles?

Hit "Reply" and let us know what you think, and we'll share your answers in the next edition of "Inside Electric Vehicles."
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