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Inside Automotive (Nov 2nd, 2016)

Self-driving vehicles seem to be just around the corner, but are states and cities prepared for how they'll change everyday traffic? Here are a few examples from recent headlines.

London’s new self-driving cars will be unmarked so they don’t get “bullied” by other drivers. The downside of autonomous vehicles programmed to avoid other cars on the road is that aggressive drivers (aka jerks) might drive erratically on purpose just to mess with them. So the first 100 self-driving cars in Volvo’s pilot scheme in London, starting 2018, will look no different than a regular Volvo, in the hopes that would-be pranksters won’t notice them. - GUARDIAN

Policymakers in New York City are worried that autonomous cars will ruin pedestrian-dense urban areas. At a City Council hearing, local politicians like transportation committee chair Ydanis Rodriguez expressed concern that NYC is being turned into an autonomy testing ground, without consideration for things like pedestrians, cyclists, city traffic and goals of reducing congestion. - VILLAGE VOICE

It may take a while before self-driving cars hit the roads in Quebec. The state's Transport Ministry confirmed it has yet to introduce legislation that would greenlight regulations allowing autonomous vehicles to operate. So while Canadians will be able to order Teslas with autonomous hardware by Christmas, the feature won’t be activated in Quebec until the traffic laws are updated. - CBC

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