Inside Beer - February 4th, 2020

Inside Beer (Feb 4th, 2020)

Stoudts Brewing is closing / Shelter dog on beer can finds former family / Craft malt house debate

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1. Carol Stoudt is retiring and Stoudts Brewing in Adamstown, Pa., is closing. One of the pioneers of the craft brewing movement and the first female professional brewer since Prohibition, Stoudt, along with her husband Ed, opened the brewery in 1987. She focused on German beers in the Reinheitsgebot tradition. But the company is not selling enough beer now, according to an announcement on Stoudt's website. Beer production will scale down immediately and by early spring, brewery operations will cease to prepare the brewery for sale. The brewery is just one of the businesses that the Stoudts own. The others, including a restaurant, a bier garden, and a bakery and antiques mall, will remain open. -- READING EAGLE

2. Carlsberg is one of the companies that has had to shut down its production sites in China due to the coronavirus outbreak. In an attempt to lessen the spread of the virus that has now killed at least 427 people and made more than 200,000 people ill, China has told businesses in 24 regions to shut down until Feb. 10. Carlsberg has 25 breweries in China that market 20 different beers. In 2019, its volumes grew 8 percent and its revenues grew 19 percent in the country. Carlsberg's CEO Cees t' Hart said in a statement that no coronavirus infections among the company's employees have been reported yet. -- BEVERAGE DAILY

3. When Motorworks Brewing in Florida put shelter dogs on beer cans to help them find new homes, it ended up helping one woman find her missing pup. Motorworks featured Day Day, a dog at Shelter Manatee, on its cans. Pictures of them were shown on national TV and news shows, and went viral on social media. Monica Mathis, who lives in Minnesota, recognized Day Day on one of the cans as Hazel, the pet who had escaped her family home in 2017. Now, Day Day - a.k.a Hazel - will be reunited with the Mathis family as the Humane Society works to get the lucky pup home for free. -- WINK

4. Founder and CEO Randy Sprecher of Milwaukee's Sprecher Brewing has sold the brewery to local investors. Sprecher will continue on as an investor, under the new ownership and leadership of CEO Sharad Chadha, a former executive at GE Healthcare and other large corporations. Sprecher opened his brewery - the city's first craft brewery since Prohibition - 35 years ago. It was important to Sprecher that the brewery remain locally owned, and he believes the new investors can "make Sprecher the craft beverage icon of America." In addition to beer, Sprecher Brewing makes nine craft sodas. -- CRAFT BREWING BUSINESS

5. If you've always wanted to get into the craft beer (or cider, distilling or wine) business, and you're willing to move to Veneta, Oregon, the city wants to assist you. Located a half-hour from Eugene and two hours from Portland, the fast growing city would like a craft beverage company in its downtown to make it a more vibrant location for residents and tourists. The city is offering incentives, including micro loans of $5,000 or a business assistance loan of up to $50,000. -- NEW SCHOOL BEER

6. Samuel Adams has opened a taproom in Boston's Faneuil Hall. What is now an iconic marketplace was once the building where Samuel Adams himself spoke about the need to be independent from England. Faneuil Hall welcomed the beer company named after the founding father on Jan. 30, and visitors to the marketplace can now enjoy beer in a 14,000-square foot space with three expansive bars and a rooftop patio. -- AMERICAN CRAFT BEER

7. Monthly searches for big beer brands fall far below those for craft brands, including relatively obscure ones. A recent report from SEMrush revealed that Bud receives 5,400 searches a month, Coors receives 6,600 searches a month, and Miller receives 8,100 searches a month. Searches for the term craft beer alone are 74,000 per month. One relatively obscure craft beer, Puppers Premium Lager that's available only in Ontario and based on a Canadian TV series, receives 14,800 searches a month. -- FORBES

8. Denton County Brewing Company in Texas gives its spent grains to a local bakery that turns them into breads. At Denton's Demeter's Kitchen, Catie Cohen takes the spent barley, wheat, rye, or a combination thereof, and bakes the grains into full-of-flavor breads. Those breads are then sold at the brewing company, often topped with other local products like aged goat cheese from Latte Da Dairy. -- D MAGAZINE

9. The debate over what is "craft" in the brewing industry isn't reserved for breweries only; it also extends to malt houses. Origin Malt, a Marysville, Ohio-based malting company, is just five years old, but it has plans to add 75,000 more acres of grains in the next five years. The Craft Maltsters Guild guidelines say this will put Origin outside the parameters of "craft," and the guild's president Brent Manning says that malt houses like Origin may need to be called "‘regional-scale maltsters." -- GOOD BEER HUNTING

10. Cider as a total category may have lost share in 2019, but regional cider brands grew. Regional and local cider producers’ share of the category has grown steadily over the past 10 years, and now that share is doing better than national brands. In 2019, sales of local and regional ciders increased by double digits compared to their 2018 numbers. And, in the Pacific Northwest, nearly two-thirds of the cider market now comes from local brands. -- BREWBOUND

Robin Shreeves is a wine, beer, spirits and travel writer. She's the wine columnist and restaurant and beverage features writer for the Courier Post newspaper in New Jersey. She holds an Intermediate Sommelier certification from the Wine School of Philadelphia. Her food and drinks writing can be found at Wine Enthusiast, VinePair, Food Network, Spirited magazine, USA Today, Mother Nature Network, Drink Nation, Edible Philly and Edible Jersey. Visit her website and follow her on Instagram at @rshreeves

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