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Inside Cannabis (Aug 29th, 2019)

1. The state of Washington has banned CBD products from non-dispensary store shelves. Several states have an “anything goes” policy with CBD products, with the items being sold at truck stops, gas stations, and even CVS pharmacies. Washington is no longer one of those states, as its Department of Agriculture has ruled that CBD products can only be sold at licensed dispensaries. The rule already took effect on August 1, and state officials say they’ll implement the rule through “outreach and education” rather than a legal crackdown.  LEAFLY 

2. A BevMo ‘cannabis beer’ announcement has generated some inaccurate reporting. Do not believe the erroneous reports that you will soon be able to buy “cannabis-Infused ‘craft beers in BevMo! stores across California.” While the California infused beer company Two Roots is putting out a beer that will indeed be available at BevMo stores statewide, a careful read of the press release shows that the beverage will not contain either cannabis or alcohol. It is not legal to sell alcohol and cannabis at the same retail store in California, though several NBC outlets in southern California still have the inaccurate report posted online. — BEVERAGE DAILY 

3. Throwback Thursday: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles come out against marijuana

Old-school stoners will remember the infamous 1980s-era fried egg ‘This is your brain on drugs’ commercial from the Partnership for a Drug-Free America, but a lesser-known ‘Just Say No’ ad employed that era’s cult-hit cartoon characters the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. The Turtles teamed up in a 30-second anti-marijuana commercial wherein a youngster is approached at school by an older boy offering him joints, but musters up the will to, you know, say no. The Turtles are rooting him on from what appears to be a parallel cartoon universe, and close out the commercial by declaring “Drug dealers are dorks, don’t even talk to ‘em. Cowabunga!”

Individual turtle Michelangelo also made a cameo appearance in the 1990 anti-drug animated special Cartoon All-Stars to the Rescue, which cast an all-inclusive net of Smurfs, Looney Tunes characters, Muppet Babies, and other animated favorites to warn kids to stay away from pot.

As the Daily Beast notes in its very astute and comprehensive Political History of the ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’, the cartoon quartet was actually criticized as being too left-leaning in their politics. Conservative columnists accused the franchise of spreading “environmentalist dogma” among children, and a Turtles television episode discouraging kids from using unrecyclable styrofoam cups also drew national outrage on many newspaper Opinion pages.

4. The Trump administration is kicking off a campaign to discourage teens and pregnant women from using cannabis. Apparently spurred by various degrees of legalization in 33 states, Surgeon General Jerome Adams has issued that office’s first anti-marijuana advisory since the 1980s. The federal government will spend $100,000 on a digital ad campaign designed to warn teens and pregnant women of the health risks of using cannabis. — THE HILL 

5. Arizona police have been secretly running their own cannabis oil extraction lab. The Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office has admitted to running a secret marijuana oil lab since 2015, but insist they did it to train officers and understand how illegal and underground labs work. And yes, this period of time does cover when the infamous Joe Arpaio was sheriff of Maricopa County. — ARIZONA MIRROR 

6. New York’s decriminalization law took effect Wednesday. The 30 days since Gov. Cuomo signed the decriminalization bill have passed, so possession of less than an ounce now nets a mere $50 fine, while one to two ounces is a $200 fine. — GOTHAMIST 

7. Curaleaf posted a profitable quarter, despite its dust-up with the FDA. While revenue was lower than expected, U.S. dispensary chain and grower Curaleaf made $20 million more than they lost in the second quarter of this year. That’s notable, considering the company suffered an FDA warning letter scandal for illegal marketing of CBD products. — MJ BIZ DAILY 

8. The Florida Supreme Court will hear a case that could overhaul the state’s medical marijuana laws. An appellate court split on whether dispensaries should continue to be required to grow and transport their own cannabis (so-called “vertical integration”), so that case automatically goes to the state’s supreme court. — SOUTH FLORIDA SUN-SENTINEL

9. Canadian grower Tilray has acquired Alberta dispensary chain Four20. The deal is valued at $110 Canadian dollars, which seems like a lot for just six retail locations, but the chain is working on getting 16 more retail licenses. — CBC  

10. Megan Rapinoe and her twin sister are starting an Oregon CBD company. Yet another pro sports star has jumped on the CBD bandwagon, as the World Cup-winning soccer forward is co-founding a CBD company called Mendi that will be geared toward athletes. — WILLAMETTE WEEK  

Joe Kukura has been the cannabis writer for SF Weekly since 2016, and his work has appeared in Thrillist, the Daily Dot, and NBC Bay Area. You can follow him on Twitter at @ExercisingDrunk.

Edited by: Kim Lyons (Pittsburgh-based journalist and managing editor at Inside).

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