Inside Cannabis - September 6th, 2019

Inside Cannabis (Sep 6th, 2019)

Lung Illness Cause / Bodycam Controversy / Canopy Damage Control

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1. Investigators have identified vitamin E oil as a likely culprit in the mystery lung illness. The lung disease affecting vape pen users of both nicotine and THC cartridges now has 215 victims in 25 states, but the New York Department of Health may have identified the cause. “Vitamin E acetate is now a key focus,” the department said in a release, describing an oil which is not harmful in pill form or on skin, but may be harmful to smoke. The department posted a Flickr set of photos of the suspect products containing the oil, the vape cartridges are underground, illegal brands Chronic Carts and Dank Vapes. Feds back up this assessment, as the Washington Post reported Thursday that the Food and Drug Administration also found the vitamin E oil in victim’s samples they’d tested nationwide. — THE HILL 

2. Massachusetts' upcoming cannabis delivery laws could require bodycams on drivers, and privacy advocates are concerned. Recreational cannabis is now legal in Massachusetts, and the state is drafting laws to create a home delivery market. But the current version of those proposed laws require an active bodycam on all drivers, as well as another live camera in their car at all times. Law enforcement officials favor the idea as a theft prevention measure, but the ACLU and cannabis businesses point out that this is a privacy nightmare for consumers, and the footage could be shared with federal agencies like ICE. — LEAFLY 

3. Follow Friday: @onlyastoner

With the tagline “the bong hits will continue until morale improves,” onlyastoner is basically a nonstop parade of marijuana one-liners that coughs up dozens of Twitter jokes pretty much every day. This anonymous pot comic is also the author of The Onlyastoner Activity Book, a treasury of “Stoner Horoscopes, Smoking Challenges,” and “Tic-Tac-Tokes, Doodle Prompts, Spirit Animals, and Accidental Cinnamon Rolls.”

Be warned that some of the tweets are profane, and the account is mostly sophomoric silliness. But onlyastoner has nearly 77,000 followers “and only like 4 lighters” because of its philosophical marijuana wisecracks , occasional real cannabis news insights, and most importantly, the daily reminder of how many days until 4/20

4. The Canopy Growth CEO has gone on a talk show public relations blitz as the company’s stock tanks. Mark Zekulin is actually the interim CEO of the Canadian cultivation conglomerate, after they famously fired their founder Bruce Linton in July. The company’s stock has been on a tailspin ever since, and Zekulin went on nine financial talk shows on Thursday alone to plead that the company’s expensive expansion plans will eventually turn a profit. — CNN 

5. The anti-legalization group Smart Approaches to Marijuana (SAM) is fighting to keep its donors’ identities private. New York sunshine laws require disclosure of donors, but the national prohibition organization that has raised more than $84,000 is asking for an exemption because they feel their contributors could be harassed. — ALBANY TIMES UNION 

6. California has advanced a bill that opponents claim could put cannabis-using gun owners in jail. The state senate approved a bill that makes it easier to get restraining orders on gun owners, but also contains a technicality that could imprison cannabis users for lying on the gun permit form that asks if the applicant is “addicted to marijuana.” — ISSUE WIRE 

7. Oklahoma now has more than 175,000 medical marijuana card holders. One year into Oklahoma’s medical marijuana program, the state’s regulatory body has tweeted out totals, also noting that they’d approved more than 4,000 growers and 1,800 dispensaries. — OKLAHOMA MEDICAL MARIJUANA  AUTHORITY  

8. Critics charge Massachusetts’ equity program is dragging its feet. Of the nearly 200 cannabis business licenses the state has granted, only two have gone to equity applicants. — WBUR 

9. MedMen is attempting to overturn West Hollywood’s dispensary permit process. The chain was not awarded a permit in notoriously dispensary-friendly West Hollywood, and they’ve petitioned a court to invalidate the entire application process. — WEHOVILLE

10. An Ohio man called police demanding his “really f***ing good weed” back. In the most amusing audio clip you will hear today, the Sharonsville, Ohio police department posted a five-minute clip of an individual whose four grams were confiscated, unleashing a lengthy and hilarious “I want my f***ing weed back” that proved ineffective with the responding officer. (The clip is edited for profanity and issafe for work.) — MEDIAITE 

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