Inside Cloud - July 20th, 2018

Inside Cloud (Jul 20th, 2018)

Microsoft Earnings / Amazon Breach / Salesforce Donation / Formula One

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1. Microsoft’s cloud business posted $110 billion in sales for the company’s 2018 fiscal year, which ended at the end of June. In reporting quarterly earnings on Thursday, CEO Satya Nadella credited early investments in the cloud space for that result, which was a 14 percent increase over 2017. Microsoft’s commercial cloud business continues to boom as well. The company reported $6.9 billion in earnings last quarter, a 53 percent increase over the same period last year. "It's no longer a three-horse race," says Brad Reback, an analyst who tracks Microsoft at Stifel. "It's Microsoft and Amazon, with Google a distant third." -CNN

2. A misconfigured Amazon S3 bucket recently left hundreds of thousands of voter records exposed. The bucket’s owner, Robocent, a Virginia-based campaign and robocalling company, contained 2,594 listed files containing pre-recorded messages for robocalls and voter data. That information included the phone numbers, addresses, political affiliation, age, and other demographic information, exposed to the public. –GOVERNMENT COMPUTER NEWS

3. The Refugee and Immigrant Center for Education and Legal Services (RAICES) has rejected a Salesforce donation. RAICES declined the donation after Salesforce refused its cloud contract with the U.S. Customs and Border Protect amid employee unrest. "After careful consideration by our staff, we have decided to decline this gift unless Salesforce commits to cancel all direct or indirect contracts with [CBP], as principled Salesforce employees have demanded," RAICES wrote in a letter to the company. -NEWSWEEK

4. Intuit, maker of popular financial software, will move its data to Amazon Web Services. The company plans to close its own data center in Washington as it migrates to AWS. Intuit officials said the move will accelerate developer productivity, leading to more innovative products. Intuit is best known as the maker of QuickBooks and TurboTax. –THE REGISTER

5. Formula One racing has become a battleground of cloud computing. A few weeks after Amazon Web Services signed an agreement to provide cloud services for race broadcasts, Alibaba Cloud agreed to a partnership with two-time champion Fernando Alonso. Alibaba will work with Yi Qian Communications, Alonso’s official karting partner, to transform training programs and venues the company operates. -ALIZILA

6. Amazon Web Services has made updates to its SageMaker service, which allows users to build and deploy models in the cloud. Amazon added SageMaker Streaming Algorithms that can stream large amounts of training data from the S3 storage service to SageMaker. The company also added SageMaker Batch Transform, which allows users to dump large files into SageMaker for testing or training. -EWEEK

7. EACS has acquired Sentronix, a London-based disaster recovery and IT managed services provider to financial organizations. EACS, based in the United Kingdom, has made a handful of acquisitions to boost its capabilities for the financial sector. –DATA-ECONOMY

8. IBM’s recent revenue numbers have answered some doubters about the company’s cloud future. While IBM still has a long road ahead, the company has seen significant growth in its cloud business. –INDUSTRY WEEK

9. MapD Technologies, which provides an advanced analytics platform, is now available on Google Cloud Platform. MapD leverages GPU-based processors allow users to analyze billions of lines of data in just seconds. –MARTECH SERIES

10. More organizations are turning toward artificial intelligence as their cloud and cybersecurity environments become more complex. A new report from P&S Market Research said the AI market will grow 36 percent per year through 2023, but that may increase as systems have more needs.SECURITY BOULEVARD

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