Inside Cloud - February 12th, 2020

Inside Cloud (Feb 12th, 2020)

Samsung, Microsoft team up on cloud-based gaming / Model9 raises $9M / Be sure to back up those photos

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1. Calling the partnership "just the beginning," Samsung announced Tuesday that it's teaming up with Microsoft on a cloud-based game streaming service. "Both Samsung and Xbox share a vision for bringing great gaming experiences to mobile players around the world," explained David S. Park, head of Samsung's U.S. marketing, as he unveiled Microsoft's Forza Street game for Galaxy devices. Samsung launched its new Galaxy S20 and Galaxy Z Flip smartphones Tuesday, and it's likely xCloud games will appear on Samsung devices in the future. "With our 5G-enabled portfolios and Microsoft's rich history in gaming, we are working closely together to create a premium cloud-based game streaming experience," Park went on to say. – THE VERGE

2. Announcing a $9 million Series A, Israeli startup Model9 also said it has come up with a way to transfer data between mainframe computers and the cloud. Model9 is attempting to solve the very difficult (and very real) problem of companies that still use mainframe computers get value out of their data. "Mainframe data is locked behind proprietary storage that is inaccessible to anything that's happening in the evolving, fast-moving technology world in the cloud," Gil Peleg, CEO, and co-founder at Model9, explained today as part of the funding announcement. "And this is where we come in with patented technology that enables mainframes to read and write data directly to the cloud or any non-mainframe distributed storage system." – TECHCRUNCH 

3. Google has become a member of the governing body for distributed ledger startup Hedera Hashgraph, according to a Tuesday announcement. Hedera is a public ledger that uses hashgraph consensus, which has been touted by the company as being a faster, more secure alternative to blockchain consensus mechanisms. Other members of the Hedera Governing Council include IBM, Tata Communications, FIS Global, Nomura Holdings, Deutsche Telekom, Boeing, and DLA Piper. Hedera Hashgraph also chose Google Cloud as its preferred cloud provider for deploying its public networks. – ZDNET

4. As the cloud industry continues to grow, so do threats and cyberattacks, says Emil Sayegh, president and CEO of Ntirety, a global managed cloud services provider. According to research firm Gartner, the cloud service market is forecasted to grow by 17% this year. That's seen as a challenge to hackers. "The threat of attacks will continue to increase as hackers become increasingly savvy, and the cost to recover from ransomware is also growing at an alarming rate," Sayegh writes in Forbes. And since factors tariffs and trade wars, the rise of "hackers for hire," and even this summer's Olympic Games in Tokyo are all opportunities for cyberattacks, Sayegh asserts that the only defense is a proactive strategy. "In the cloud, improving cybersecurity posture is a matter of not only reasonable levels of constructive paranoia but also proactive IT practices that combine a multitude of disciplines around monitoring, multi-level security mitigation, and disaster recovery," he says. – FORBES

5. Looking for a better-paying IT job? Consider a cloud certification. A new report by IT training company Global Knowledge says that cloud computing and cybersecurity account for the top four information technology certifications in the United States when it comes to salaries. “IT professionals with these skills are in high demand and command the largest paychecks in the industry,” the Cary, N.C.-based Global Knowlege said this week. The overall average IT salary is $136,185 for certifications included in the survey, with the highest salary eclipsing $175,000. Not surprisingly, the big three cloud providers – AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud – account for the top-paying credentials. – CRN 

6. Companies already utilizing the public cloud, as well as companies looking to make the move in 2020, will encounter two troubling trends: increased price and less data portability, says Peter Bendor-Samuel, CEO of Everest Group. The big three cloud providers (AWS, Azure and Google Cloud) work to lock you into their walled data fortresses "through a wide variety of mechanisms ranging from long-term contracts to interdependent functionality with tight integration to management tools and to attractive complementary capabilities," Bendor-Samuel writes in Forbes. In addition to the decreased portability, cloud providers are introducing new costs for data storage or data transfer. As companies consider their needs for 2020, Bendor-Samuel advises them to ask, "How can they evolve their cloud approaches to capture the benefits while avoiding the pitfalls that the cloud providers busily implement to tie customers to their platforms and allow the providers to maximize their profits?" – FORBES

7. Many people think the photos and videos they're saving on their phones are also being stored in the cloud. That's frequently not the case, say iPhone and IT experts. To ensure that you don't lose valuable or sensitive data and precious memories, be sure to follow these steps: Go to Settings > iCloud. Scroll down to your choices and slide the bar to green to turn on photos or contacts or calendar or whatever you want to be backed up. And be sure to turn on the iCloud drive so you can get everything back from the other devices you have signed in to with the same Apple ID. To check your storage: Go to iCloud > Manage Storage. Change your storage when you first get the "low storage" pop-up warning on your phone, experts say. – FCN/ABC NEWS

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Edited by Sheena Vasani, staff writer at Inside.

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