Inside Cloud - February 18th, 2020

Inside Cloud (Feb 18th, 2020)

Google Cloud cutting jobs / GeForce NOW cloud gaming out of Beta / Binance Cloud launches

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1. Google Cloud revealed it is undergoing a major restructuring to help the unit focus on targeting international markets instead, an unnamed person close to the company says. A separate Google spokesperson told CNBC the overhaul would require letting go of less than 50 employees. Already, the tech giant has notified a "small number" their positions have been eliminated. Meanwhile, the tech giant says it is trying to find new roles for those employees affected. The news comes after Alphabet revealed its Cloud revenue numbers for the first time earlier this month, reveal the cloud-computing unit produced $8.92 billion in revenue last year, compared with $5.84 billion in 2018. While it is growing, however, Amazon Web Services (AWS) generated over $35 billion in revenue in 2019; and analysts such as Gartner rank AWS as number one in terms of market share as a result, while Microsoft comes in second. - TECHRADAR

This story first appeared in Inside Google.

2. This week NVIDIA announced the GeForce NOW cloud gaming service is finally out of the Beta phase and generally available. The premise of GeForce NOW is that gamers can now take advantage of NVIDIA’s latest GPU architectures from afar, via the cloud, without having to upgrade a gaming console. GeForce NOW comes with a library of over 30 free-to-play games (with more to come) already patched to the cloud, and over 1,000 titles that can be accessed through single-session installs.  All of this will now be available to the general public, via either a free option or a still very affordable $4.99 monthly (for the first 12 months) “Founders” membership. The free option gives gamers standard access to the service, with a limited 1-hour session length. - FORBES

3. Organizations across the globe, including the US Federal government, have become increasingly reliant upon the public cloud.  The recent award of the controversial Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure contract is but one example. The International Data Corporation predicts that 49% of the world’s stored data will reside in the public cloud by 2025. The United States has had a “Cloud First” policy since 2011, which recently evolved into a “Cloud Smart” policy.  Increased use of public cloud services will provide government agencies with greater flexibility and scalability options, with a dark twist: Attackers will have an increasingly attractive bullseye to target. Expect to see more breaches in 2020 as cloud applications become more ubiquitous. - NEXTGOV

4. Binance, a leading crypto exchange and blockchain company, announced the launch of its cloud system dubbed Binance Cloud on Monday. Binance Cloud is an infrastructure tailored for Binance customers to launch their digital asset exchanges. Customers utilizing the cloud system will be able to access Binance liquidity and its leading technology systems, guaranteeing the security of their customers. The cloud solution will also mirror the main features of the Binance global exchange like the trading risk controls, large data security system, and also Binance matching engine. – BLOOMBERG

5. Like many platform operators, Amazon has a love-hate relationship with those hosted on its platform. This is particularly true for open-source software creators, who see their products on offer on Amazon's cloud on terms they are not happy with. It's a complicated relationship.Vendors (and third-party developers) developing those open source products started accusing AWS of strip mining, i.e., reaping the benefits of the products. By 2022, more than 70% of new in-house applications will be developed on an open-source database, and 50% of existing proprietary relational database instances will have been converted or be in the process of converting, making this an issue that both Amazon and vendors will want resolved soon. – ZDNET

6. Today Google Cloud announced a new certification for storage solutions that are designed to run optimally with Anthos on-premises. Launched last year, Anthos is a platform for managing applications on premise or in any cloud environment. To achieve "Anthos Ready Storage" qualification, storage vendors have to meet a core set of requirements. So far, six vendors have qualified: Dell EMC, HP Enterprise, NetApp, Portworx, Pure Storage, and – ZDNET

7. Top cloud jobs:
Sr. Cloud Product Manager, Allstate
• IT Infrastructure Cloud Manager, Michelin
• Cloud Tech Lead, Equifax
• Cloud Architect, Georgia-Pacific
• Cloud Solution Architect - Application Development, Microsoft
• Cloud Infrastructure Architect, AWS

Written and curated by Elizabeth Barr, who creates and consumes at the nexus of media and tech. She ran sections and sites at publications such as the Buffalo News, AOL News and the Huffington Post before becoming a software developer, creating content-discovery products like FitPop and Where the Truck. Elizabeth's all-in on newsletters, covering news and pop culture on the sometimes-funny Mediavore. Follow her on Twitter at @elizabethbarr.

Edited by Sheena Vasani, staff writer at Inside.

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