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Inside CTO/CIO (Jan 24th, 2019)

Deliveroo / Empathetic AI / Bridgewater's economic forecast / Smart toilets

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1. A reorganization within one of the U.K.’s most promising startups, Deliveroo, resulted in multiple execs leaving. The departure of CTO Mike Hudak, COO Roy Blanga, CPO Beth Clutterbuck, and CLO Rob Miller is in conjunction with the food delivery company’s shift to focus on matters such as an aggressive fundraising effort or a possible acquisition from Uber. Deliveroo is worth an estimated $2 billion and has the backing from financial titans such as Fidelity and T. Rowe Price. – BUSINESS INSIDER 

2. AI is on pace to take over the jobs of nearly 5 million people by 2020. With interactions between humans and technology becoming more prevalent in today’s society, is there a need for empathetic AI? Many companies and researchers believe the creation of AI that interacts with people on a more emotional level will benefit mankind in the long run. – INFORMATION WEEK

3. Co-CIO of Bridgewater Associates, Greg Jensen, has a bleak outlook for America’s economic market in comparison to policy makers. Having expert oversight within the largest hedge fund in the world, Jensen believes people have an unrealistic view of their earning potentials. He also predicts interest rates will become comparable to that of a recession era. – BLOOMBERG

4. Smart toilets could be the next big IoT appliances hitting consumer tech. Bill Gates and a number healthcare professionals are excited about the possibility of people owning toilets that monitor their waste for potential health issues. In the age of health tracking, data from smart toilets will allow people to make better dietary choices and help them spot ailments before they become serious. – NBC NEWS

5. After finally settling a drawn-out $35.8 million contract dispute with an IT contractor, Virginia’s CIO, Nelson Moe, is focusing his attention on getting other departments within the state on the same page regarding IT presence. – STATE SCOOP

6. Harvard Business Review writers Harold J. Leavitt and Thomas L. Whisler coined the phrase ‘information technology’ back in 1958— and we obviously still use it today. Is it time for the tech industry to give ‘IT’ the boot? Find out here. – INFORMATION WEEK

7. Being a CIO means being a leader who not only creates solutions, but innovates. Learn more about what it takes to promote positive change from 2018’s CHIME and HIMSS Healthcare CIO of the Year, Ed Koptesky. – HEALTHCARE INFORMATICS

8. The Chinese government has blocked the use of Bing. The Microsoft search engine is unavailable at the request of China Unicom, a state-owned telecommunications organization. – BUSINESS INSIDER

9. Politics as usual can create problems for financial investors. CIO of Boston Private, Shannon Saccocia, gives advice on how to avoid politics getting tangled into your portfolio. - THE STREET

10. Is quantum computing the next big thing in the aerospace industry? Airbus CTO Grazia Vittadini believes it is. Find out why. - WALL STREET JOURNAL

Nick Shekeryk has a professional background rich in digital marketing and media. His work has appeared in The Seattle Times, Seattle Post-Intelligencer, New York Post, The Post-Standard, and on, among others. He has a graduate degree in journalism from Syracuse University, as well as creative writing and philosophy degrees from Seattle University. He lives in Seattle, WA, and spends his spare time playing and coaching baseball, running half marathons, and seeing as much live music as possible. You can follow Nick on Twitter at @NickShekeryk.

Editing team: Lon Harris (editor-in-chief at, game-master at Screen Junkies), Krystle Vermes (Breaking news editor at Inside, B2B marketing news reporter, host of the "All Day Paranormal" podcast), and Susmita Baral (editor at Inside, recent bylines in NatGeo, Teen Vogue, and Quartz. Runs the biggest mac and cheese account on Instagram).

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