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Inside CTO/CIO (Jan 31st, 2019)

5G / Kansas / CIO digital transformation / Chevron

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1. At the World Economic Forum in Davos, Ericsson CTO Erik Ekudden emphasized the need for ‘national CTOs’ to help businesses navigate the complexities of 5G networks. Ekudden believes the emergence of 5G networks around the world makes it a necessity for national policy makers to address the social and economic benefits and challenges of 5G. – 5G UK

2. Kansas governor Laura Kelly selected private-sector IT exec Eric Davis as the state’s new CTO. Davis was recruited by Kelly for the CTO role for his track record of developing IT strategies and framework for Fortune 500 companies such as United Airlines, Delphi, and Capital One. Davis will join recently-appointed CIO Lee Allen as the state’s top IT advisors, who will be tasked with creating a more secure, modern, and optimized IT infrastructure. – GOVERNMENT TECHNOLOGY

3. The expansion of c-level IT roles has dramatically altered the job description of CIOs. For the CIO organizational structures to remain relevant and integral to a company’s tech support infrastructure, it must keep up with the ever-changing demands of digital transformation. Staying ahead of the game can be done by taking the initiative on factors such as gaining better insights to business knowledge, increasing agility and speed, and upholding a forward-thinking mindset throughout the organization. – FORBES

4. Chevron CIO Bill Braun credits cutting-edge technology for allowing his team to innovate and react to rigorous industry demands. As the energy corporation’s top IT exec, Braun looks to utilize tech such as AI, quantum computing, and virtual and augmented reality to keep Chevron and their business partners ahead of the curve. Braun is excited see what kinds of impact various forms of emerging tech will have on the future of the energy industry. – WALL STREET JOURNAL

5. Managing relationships with IT vendors can seem like a full-time job in itself for CIOs. Some of the industries top tech professionals explain their strategies for working with vendors. – CIO

6. Did you know that creating a culture of learning can save your engineering team money? CTO Charles Cagle of Paycor offers 10 principles for optimizing spending within your engineering department. – INFORMATION WEEK

7. In an interview with Fortune, Microsoft CTO Kevin Scott said the tech company’s AI technology is unique for its ability to make current AI better as opposed to other companies who try to reinvent the wheel. – FORTUNE

8. Where the open road meets technology: Winnebago’s CIO Jeff Kubacki is helping the company revolutionize the recreational travel industry by creating a unique digital experience for customers. – FORBES

9. Upon recently announcing his retirement, Kroger CIO Christopher Hjelm said he will remain with the company while current chief digital officer Yael Cossett transitions to the CIO role. – SUPERMARKET NEWS

10. Google Home Hubs for concierge staff are among the new digital upgrades highlighted by Caesar Entertainment CIO Les Ottolenghi, as the casino-hotel business looks to expand growth. – CIO

Nick Shekeryk has a professional background rich in digital marketing and media. His work has appeared in The Seattle Times, Seattle Post-Intelligencer, New York Post, The Post-Standard, and on, among others. He has a graduate degree in journalism from Syracuse University, as well as creative writing and philosophy degrees from Seattle University. He lives in Seattle, WA, and spends his spare time playing and coaching baseball, running half marathons, and seeing as much live music as possible. You can follow Nick on Twitter at @NickShekeryk.

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