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Inside CTO/CIO (Feb 5th, 2019)

Women in tech / International flight / US Coast Guard / Facebook

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1. According to WIRED, only 26 percent of women who graduate in the fields of science, tech, math, and engineering work have a tech job after graduation, which is markedly less than the 40 percent of men who have the same degrees. The GM of Microsoft Teams and Skype, Lori Wright, discussed her career path with Forbes and gave some solutions for closing the gender gap in the tech industry. – FORBES

2. An international flight from Miami to Munich, Germany featured the first ever use of facial recognition technology to allow customers aboard a commercial flight on Friday. The biometric technology takes less than two seconds to scan a face and has a 99 percent accuracy rate, according to U.S. Customs and Border Patrol. The new technology is expected to cut long airport security lines to being just minutes long. – CBS MIAMI

3. The integration of emerging tech has become a priority of the U.S. Coast Guard. The maritime-based military branch needs to optimize operations for its workforce of 87,570 personnel. The Coast Guard wants to improve its ability to enforce laws, as well as make it easier for personnel to undertake necessary diplomatic, humanitarian, and regulatory responsibilities. – SIGNAL

4. Facebook is losing the service of its top fact-checking partner, Snope. The social media company’s potential for meddling from the likes of Russia were cited as one of the reasons the online myth-breaking company is parting ways from a partnership that was established in 2016. Snope representatives said being associated with Facebook doesn’t allow them to patrol other important aspects of the internet for factuality. – WASHINGTON POST

Tech Tuesday 
The Super Bowl’s humanization of tech
By Nick Shekeryk

On Sunday, nearly 100 million television viewers saw the New England Patriots defeat the Los Angeles Rams in Super Bowl 53. The win gave New England their league-tying sixth title, but the real winner of the Super Bowl was the tech industry. The commercials are one of the most compelling aspects of the Super Bowl, and many of this year's ads focused on consumer technology and how it enhances the human experience in modern society.

In a Forbes article titled ‘This Year's Super Bowl Tackles Our Relationship with Tech,’ contributing writer David Armano discussed the ads that highlighted the relationship between humans and technology. Companies such as Bumble used the platform to show how their dating app empowers women, and Microsoft used it to tug at the heartstrings to promote inclusive technology. Amazon even went as far as poking fun at itself through a series of celebrity mishaps with Alexa.

No matter which approach was taken by the various tech companies that ran ads during Super Bowl 53, one thing that was clear, according to Armano, was their collective desire to humanize tech amid the social undercurrents of the industry’s ability to dramatically alter life for humans.

We are not talking full-on Sky Net-style man vs. machine battle royal, but things such as automation taking jobs and companies conducting data mining on their consumers. Society has reached a tipping point with the integration of technology in everyday lives, which is why it’s important that companies releasing emerging technologies understand their responsibility in keeping the human experience intact.

Every Tuesday we'll feature an aspect of technology that is relevant to the world of CTO and/or CIO. We will include links to resources for learning more. If you have ideas for an interesting CTO, CIO, or tech-related story we can feature, or anything else you'd like to see us cover, hit reply to this email!

5. Amazon CTO Werner Vogels calls out cloud-computing competitor Oracle for having outdated database structure. – ET TECH

6. Google lands former Discovery CTO, John Honeycutt, to run telecom, media, and entertainment operations for the tech company’s cloud division. – SEEKING ALPHA

7. The Metis Strategy podcast catches up with Michael Smith, CIO of Estee Lauder, to learn more about his strategies for innovating the retail industry. – METIS STRATEGY

8. According to a REPORT from the APQC, 89 percent of companies have a mentorship program to create SMEs. Some of the top CIOs from various industries offer tips for effective mentoring. – CIO

9. Walmart CTO Jeremy King joins the NRF podcast to discuss the retail giant’s digital transformation and how it will overcome any proposed challenges. – NRF 

10. Former National Security Council Senior Deputy Director Roger Stone was officially named as the new CIO of President Donald Trump’s cabinet. Stone replaced Chris Herndon as the interim White House IT advisor in October. – FCW

Nick Shekeryk has a professional background rich in digital marketing and media. His work has appeared in The Seattle Times, Seattle Post-Intelligencer, New York Post, The Post-Standard, and on, among others. He has a graduate degree in journalism from Syracuse University, as well as creative writing and philosophy degrees from Seattle University. He lives in Seattle, WA, and spends his spare time playing and coaching baseball, running half marathons, and seeing as much live music as possible. You can follow Nick on Twitter at @NickShekeryk.

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