Inside CTO/CIO - February 7th, 2019 |

Inside CTO/CIO (Feb 7th, 2019)

Oracle discrimination suit / Google GDPR woes / IBM blockchain success

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1. Google is appealing its record GDPR fine of 50 million euros ($57 million) for privacy and transparency violations -- and this week it's official that Google now pays more in EU fines than it does in taxes. But it's also an enterprise learning opportunity for everyone striving to develop best practices for complying with GDPR. --INFORMATIONWEEK

2. IBM has successfully used blockchain technology to track a 28-ton shipment of Mandarin oranges from China to Singapore. A trial using the IBM Blockchain Platform followed approximately 108,000 of the delicious little fruits on their journey for this week's Chinese New Year celebration (mandarins symbolize prosperity). IBM recorded the primary shipping document on a blockchain, which cut the processing time. In addition, IBM found that using blockchain minimized operating costs for things like cargo container refrigeration, storage and more. --COINDESK

3. Oracle is putting up a fierce fight in its discrimination pay lawsuit saying that the case is 'doomed to fail' and has accused the US Department of Labor of having a 'secret pact' with the plaintiff's lawyers. The company allegedly underpaid and shuttled minority, female, and visa-holding international employees into lower-paying positions, eventually underpaying them $400 million dollars. The overarching allegation against Oracle is that the company hired black, Asian, female, and foreign employees knowing it could get away with paying them less -- going as far back as 2013. --THE REGISTER

4. A new Accenture survey of 6,600 executives looks at enterprise life in a "post-digital" world. Analysis from a Forbes contributor points out that "nearly four in five (79 percent) believe that digital technologies ― specifically social, mobile, analytics and cloud ― have moved beyond adoption silos to become part of the core technology foundation for their organizations." Accenture's fascinating report provides examples in different sectors and includes topics such as embracing artificial intelligence, leveraging personalization, workers who are waiting for their companies to "catch up," and more. --FORBES

5. Are your go-to catchphrases driving your employees insane? In the best case, catchphrases like "ASAP" get the message across, in the worst scenarios it's a dent in team morale. Take a look at some counterproductive phrases and why they don't always work as intended. --THE ENTERPRISERS PROJECT

6. Microsoft is featuring new bot tools and capabilities at next week's Health Information Management Systems Society (HIMSS) conference. The company's Healthcare Bot Service is being showcased for Teams and health record integration for Azure. --ZDNET

7. Collaboration software spending to hit $45B as team chat app demand booms. The collaboration software market is exploding as the increased use of Slack and Microsoft teams saturates the workplace, according to Synergy Research Group. --COMPUTERWORLD

8. In a surprising admission, Huawei said it would take five years and $2bn (£1.5bn) to fix security issues raised in a UK government report. "Enhancing our software engineering capabilities is like replacing components on a high-speed train in motion,” Huawei’s carrier business group president said. --GUARDIAN

9. If your company is collecting biometric data, run -- don't walk -- to make sure you're providing notice. An Illinois court ruling shows that if you violate the law, your company could be sued in what's being called "crushing liability for technical violations." --INFORMATIONWEEK

10. New CISOs must be more nimble than ever, pulling from playbooks with sharply evolving rules. The first steps haven't changed, but now there are so many caveats. Five key pieces of advice from industry experts and CISOs who've transitioned to new companies provide interesting insights for success in this temperamental environment. --CSO ONLINE

This newsletter is curated and authored by author and reporter Violet Blue, who covers security and privacy for outlets ranging from CBS News and CNET to Financial Times and ZDNet. Ms. Blue has been featured on The Oprah Winfrey Show and CNN, she writes the Engadget column "Bad Password," and she is the author of The Smart Girl's Guide to Privacy. Violet is on the Advisory Board for privacy nonprofit Without My Consent and a member of the Internet Press Guild. Find her sharing thoughts on Twitter @violetblue.

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