Inside CTO/CIO - March 26th, 2019 |

Inside CTO/CIO (Mar 26th, 2019)

McDonald's big data bite / ASUS attack / Apple Card challenges FinTech

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1. McDonald’s is acquiring AI startup Dynamic Yield in a $300 million deal. The Israeli company provides retailers with algorithmically driven "decision logic" technology, which McDonald's first started testing in some US locations last year. The fast food giant said it would use Dynamic Yield's AI to tailor drive-thru menu items based on weather, time of day, and previous orders (as well as other factors). McDonald's is among other fast food companies with a newly-aggressive digital strategy; Burger King and Chipotle have been experimenting with app and Venmo-cash giveaways. --WIRED

2. ASUS was victim to a huge supply-chain attack that affects approximately 500,000 Windows machines. Kaspersky Lab researchers discovered the issue after adding new supply-chain detection tech to its scanning tool. The cybersecurity firm said the compromise went on for at least five months last year when the ASUS live software update tool was hacked, pushing tainted updates to customers' machines. "The malicious file was signed with legitimate ASUS digital certificates, Motherboard reported, "to make it appear to be an authentic software update from the company." The US launched a DHS supply chain task force last year to examine the industry problem after accusations of an alleged Apple supply chain hardware attack made headlines.  --MOTHERBOARD

3. Apple Card is challenging FinTech with its new consumer-friendly offering. Among a slew of announcements this week, Apple said it was rolling out a credit card in conjunction with Goldman Sachs that is likely to redefine the financial services business. Despite the underperformance of Apple Pay, the company's push into cutting-edge financial products will be a test of digital-forward companies into the premium-offering space in global banking. Also among the announcements: Apple said it was putting Swift 5 into Xcode; Swift 5’s flagship feature is the introduction of ABI stability, which will allow Swift apps to work better and install faster than ever before. --COMPUTERWORLD

4. Global companies will soon recieve support from the UK's Cyber Readiness for Boards project. The NCSC and Lloyd’s Register Foundation is jointly funding the project at £1M creating the Cyber Readiness for Boards project, which will initially work with six multinational companies at particular risk due to their high profiles. They plan to roll the project out to more businesses, including small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and larger enterprises sometime in 2020. --COMPUTER WEEKLY

5. Kaleido is bringing Its Blockchain Market to Microsoft Azure. The blockchain software-as-a-service platform is expanding to another cloud service, showing there's opportunity to be found in these networks. --INFORMATIONWEEK

6. The Pentagon is developing clouds to help secure smaller defense contractors. The DoD is now running “pathfinder projects” for small contractors and subcontractors who don’t have enough resources on their own to meet the department’s cybersecurity requirements. --FEDSCOOP

7. Kubernetes 1.14 is enhancing its cloud native platform with Windows nodes. Pucker up, buttercup: the first major update of the open-source Kubernetes cloud native platform for 2019 was released on March 25. --EWEEK

8. There are five distinct ways businesses unintentionally crush tech innovation. Contrary to accepted logic, argues HPE, it's often the successful enterprise that gradually becomes the least innovative. So maybe let's not do that? --HPE

9. The problem with automating data ethics is scale. Looking at Gmail spam handling as a good example of a program that makes ethical decisions responsibly, this examination of ethical decision-making in data poses one of the biggest quandaries of our times. --O'REILLY

10. Inside Sales, this company's 41st newsletter, launched Monday. It promises the "latest sales news and updates to help you thrive in this competitive industry." --INSIDE SALES

This newsletter is curated and authored by author and reporter Violet Blue, who covers security and privacy for outlets ranging from CBS News and CNET to Financial Times and ZDNet. Ms. Blue has been featured on The Oprah Winfrey Show and CNN, she writes the Engadget column "Bad Password," and she is the author of The Smart Girl's Guide to Privacy. Violet is on the Advisory Board for privacy nonprofit Without My Consent and a member of the Internet Press Guild. Find her sharing thoughts on Twitter @violetblue.

Editing team: Kim Lyons (Pittsburgh-based journalist and managing editor at Inside); Susmita Baral (senior editor at Inside, who runs the biggest mac and cheese account on Instagram); and David Stegon (senior editor at Inside, whose reporting experience includes cryptocurrency and technology).

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