Inside CTO/CIO - April 11th, 2019 |

Inside CTO/CIO (Apr 11th, 2019)

The Algorithmic Accountability Act / Apple's clean supply chain success / Brexit delays

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1. Apple is touting success with its clean energy supply-chain program and its partners have increased. Apple said on Thursday it has nearly doubled the number of suppliers using only clean energy for production work, including two that assemble and make iPhone processor chips. Forty-four companies are now in the program, which began with 23 suppliers. The company's biggest carbon footprint comes from its supply chain. Through its clean energy program, Apple managed to convince Foxconn to use clean energy to manufacture iPhones. Apple also announced that it has allocated all of its $2.5 billion in green bonds, the largest amount of any American corporation. --REUTERS

2. US lawmakers introduced a bill requiring large companies to audit AI systems for bias. The Algorithmic Accountability Act sets its sights on tools like facial recognition or ad targeting algorithms, and targets organizations with large data pools. Orgs would be required to assess whether algorithms underlying their AI tools are biased or discriminatory, plus consumer privacy or security risks. The Act is aimed toward companies making over $50 million per year, that hold information on at least 1 million people or devices, or primarily act as data brokers that buy and sell consumer data. In addition, the bill tasks the FTC to create rules for evaluating “highly sensitive” automated systems. --VERGE

3. Brexit is delayed again, plunging UK tech firms into uncertainty. On Wednesday, the European Union extended the UK's Brexit deadline until Oct. 31, which holds off a chaotic crash on Friday, but plunged UK tech firms into dismay and disarray. Companies reacting to the news say it exacerbates costs and uncertainty, worsening the damage to all businesses operating out of the UK. Furious MPs have demanded today that Theresa May resign. Software developer talent in Britain is predicted to decrease post-Brexit, and most CIOs are looking at staffing outside the UK to assist in the development and deployment of software post-Brexit. --NYT

4. Cisco's software-defined networking platform ACI has finally landed on AWS. The arrival was first teased in January, but this week Cisco's cloud-service program is now on its flagship software-defined networking (SDN) software, allowing customers to manage and secure apps running in the data center or in Amazon Web Service cloud environments. The service, Cisco Cloud ACI for AWS lets users configure inter-site connectivity, define policies and monitor the health of network infrastructure across hybrid environments. According to AWS Marketplace, the typical price per instance for Cloud ACI will total around $0.40 per hour. Cisco next plans to extend the ACI platform into Azure. --THE REGISTER

5. Market share analysts have named Cisco the largest cybersecurity vendor in the world. Ranked by market share, next in line for the title are Palo Alto, Check Point, Fortinet and IBM. Analysts said the top dogs had embraced new deployment models and transitioned their businesses to more subscription-based revenue. --CHANNELPARTNERINSIGHT

6. Google’s bevy of cloud announcements this week includes the extension of IntelliJ and Visual Studio Code to Kubernetes apps. Cloud Code extends two Integrated Development Environments (IDEs), IntelliJ and Visual Studio Code, to cloud-native Kubernetes applications. --VENTUREBEAT

7. Restaurants are hungry for CIOs. Highlighted by McDonald's investments in AI to better tailor the customer experience, and companies like Domino's leading the way, restaurants are aggressively seeking CIOs with experience acquiring new tech or serving on acquisition teams that require integration or consolidation. --CIO DIVE

8. There are seven certifications that carry weight well into an IT leader’s career. IT certifications can help you carve a career path, but there's still no such thing as a CIO certification -- even so, certifications that focus on areas like process and project management tend to increase in value. --THE ENTERPRISERS PROJECT

9. There are 10 things CIOs must absolutely know about their software. In a detailed deep dive, CIO outlines critical characteristics, including architectural compliance, open source and IP license risk, technical debt, a standards-based view of software health and appsec risk. --CIO

10. Atlassian’s Confluence gets more powerful analytics, expands out of IT teams. Atlassian's huge overhaul for the popular dev and IT tool adds 15 new Confluence features including more powerful analytics, improved search and new ways to interact with the content collaboration platform. --COMPUTERWORLD

This newsletter is curated and authored by author and reporter Violet Blue, who covers security and privacy for outlets ranging from CBS News and CNET to Financial Times and ZDNet. Ms. Blue has been featured on The Oprah Winfrey Show and CNN, she writes the Engadget column "Bad Password," and she is the author of The Smart Girl's Guide to Privacy. Violet is on the Advisory Board for privacy nonprofit Without My Consent and a member of the Internet Press Guild. Find her sharing thoughts on Twitter @violetblue.

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