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Inside CTO/CIO (Jun 25th, 2019)

Hyperledger gmomentum/cloud hardware sales to slow

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1. Microsoft and Salesforce are among eight large enterprises that have announced they will be joining Hyperledger. Growing support for the open-source collaborative project shows that the system is starting to go beyond the experimentation phase. Accenture, CIsco, Deutsche Bank, Fujitsu. Hitachi, IBM, Intel and SAP are already premier members. Like these companies, Microsoft and Salesforce will contribute to the advancement of the technology and be able to shape its direction. -- FORBES  

2. Revenue from cloud hardware sales continues to climb, but a slowdown is on the way. Servers, enterprise storage and Ethernet switches for public and private cloud environments will continue to account for the majority of the spending this year, according to analyst firm IDC. However, it has lowered its forecasts for cloud infrastructure for the year to $66.9 billion, a drop of 4.5 percent. In February, IDC noted that cloud platforms and ecosystems will be the launchpad for an explosion in the scale and pace of digital transformation.  -- ITWIRE

3. Large organizations in the hospitality industry are hit hardest by phishing while the transportation sector is at the lowest risk, a new report suggests. An analysis of 9 million users in 18,000 organizations indicates what portion of an organization's employees is susceptible to social engineering scams, KnowBe4 says. Experian has compiled a list of new and different types of scams that have surfaced this year, noting that at least five of them are related to phishing. Employees need to understand how to recognize a phishing email. -- COMPUTERWEEKLY

4. The old ways of maximizing and monetizing your data don't work well anymore. Spread the culture of data to the C-level office. Build a unifying data framework to bring cohesion to all the data flying across the enterprise. Demonstrate the practical value of how data helps the business lines in their everyday work. Data is the new oil and, like oil, it's difficult to extract and refine and expensive to transport and store.  -- CIO

5. Maybe silos are a good thing after all. Dominica DeGrandis argues that silos aren't the enemy. -- THE ENTERPRISE PROJECT

6. Chinese holding company Tencent wants AI to be a force for good. There's a social responsibility for companies to use the technology to help people live better lives, the company says. -- FORBES  

7. Blockchain-enabled smart contracts save time and costs. In this series, 7wData explores the value of adopting them. -- 7WDATA

8. Shifting to a NoOps strategy doesn't have to be hard. Your IT operations can reach a level where development teams don't need an ops team anymore. Read five perspectives on why that will be the case. -- MANAGE ENGINE

9.  An upgrade to Tibco's Spotfire software adds AI engine that provides recommendations and explanations for business analysts and data scientists. The enhancement aligns with the vendor's strategy of embedding the technology via AutoML and other methodologies. --  Datanami

10. As robotic process automation becomes widespread in the enterprise, businesses need to learn better ways to plan and execute. Understand first that it won't fix a process that you don't fundametally grasp or that is fundamentally broken. -- THE ENTERPRISE PROJECT 

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