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Inside CTO/CIO (Jul 9th, 2019)

Record-breaking GDPR fine/F grade for B2B sites

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1. British Airways was hit with a record-breaking GDPR fine for last year's data breach that compromised the personal information of hundreds of thousands of customers. The Information Commissioner's Office (ICO), an independent regulatory office that monitors business' compliance with mandates for securing consumers' personal information, announced its intention to fine the carrier $229 million for poor security practices that led to the breach of customers' private data. This is the largest fine ever issued by the IOC. Infringement of the EU GDPR can result in fines of up to 4 percent of revenue or up to 20 million Euros. A digital skimmer deployed by the The Magecart Group led to the breach. Earlier this year Google was fined 50 million Euros for failing to comply with GDPR. - THE VERGE

2. Microsoft has applied to become a member of a closed Linux group that reports and discusses security vulnerabilities before they are publicly announced. Recognizing that its enterprise future in servers, services, and the cloud depends on open source and Linux, the tech giant embrace the OS in 2016 when it joined the Linux Foundation. Linux usage on the Microsoft Azure cloud has now surpassed Windows usage. If its application to join the private Linux security developer board is approved, the company could participate in security discussions and would be expected to contribute to developing solutions. Red Hat, Oracle, Amazon Web Services are already members. - WINDOWS CENTRAL

3. Sony announced the Innovation Growth Fund that will raise $185 million to invest in late-stage tech startups. It first launched a fund to invest in high-growth industries in 2016, which made more than 40 investments in AI, augmented reality, IoT and robotics early-stage companies. The new fund will be run jointly with Diawa Capital Holdings and other investors include Mitsubishi UFJ Lease & Finance Company Ltd. and Sumimoto Mitsui Banking Corporation. A long-term goal is to have the portfolio companies, which are expected to include fintech as well as robotics and AI businesses, develop into public firms. - TECHCRUNCH

4. A Forrester study found that most B to B sites fail to focus on engaging customer experiences. Fifty-six out of 60 web sites studied by the analyst firm feature information about their products in industry jargon rather than speaking to buyers' pain points. They don't use peer examples to illustrate how their solutions solve real-world problems. Human resources, manufacturing, and security companies were the exception, offering visitors more engaging and empathic content, educational and useful tools and even creative videos. - B2B NEWS NETWORK  

5. Blockchain's promise of peer-to-peer visibility across a value chain can transform business processes but it isn't necessarily suitable to deploy for some projects. Concerns revolve around blockchain being an immature technology, says ComputerWorld senior reporter Lucas Mearian, It also isn't fully understood by business leaders and it isn't as efficient as relational databases for certain tasks. Additionally it might not make fiscal sense at scale,  - COMPUTERWORLD

6. Qlik and MicroStrategy have upgraded their business intelligence platforms. The two independent BI vendors want to remain competitive against big vendors such as Oracle and SAP. MicroStrategy has enhanced its Hyperintelligence feature for augmenting documents and applications with contextual BI-driven information and Qlik has updated its Data Catalyst data platform for automating data ingestion, validation, curation, and preparation. - SEARCH BUSINESS ANALYTICS

7. As IT transitions to a services culture, CIOs and IT managers must reassess the value of user training and documentation teams. They are the experts at explaining new systems and services to non-technical audiences, making it more likely business users will adopt the solutions. Increasing users' satisfaction will significantly impact their perception of IT as a service organization. Mary Shacklett, TechRepublic contributing writer, provides four ways to better manage T&D. -TECHREPUBLIC

8. MIT wants to make it easier for coding novices to write models and algorithms for AI applications. MIT researchers recently presented a paper about a probabilistic general-purpose programming language that can be used to simplify the creation of computer vision and augmented reality applications. -DATANAMI

9. Robotic process automation is being increasingly deployed by banks, insurance companies, telcos and utility companies. These industries generally want to replace their legacy systems with automated solutions to accelerate their digital transformation plans. The RPA sector is growing fast across countries and industries, which explains why Softbank is making a $300 million investment in RPA, says Atherton Research vice president Jean Baptiste Su. Gartner says the RPA market will reach $1.3 billion this year.- FORBES

10. Businesses must discover the size and cost of their legacy environments to present a compelling business case for moving to a public cloud infrastructure. They need to estimate the run rate of base-case services in the cloud and transition and migration costs, as well as perform a business case analysis, say Pace Harmon senior associates Joy Sim and Michael Byrne. - CIODIVE

Jennifer Zaino is a freelance writer and editor specializing in business, technology, healthcare and education. 

Editing team: Kim Lyons (Pittsburgh-based journalist and managing editor at Inside), David Stegon (senior editor at Inside, whose reporting experience includes cryptocurrency and technology), and Bobby Cherry (senior editor at Inside, who’s always on social media).

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