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Inside Cycling (Aug 7th, 2019)

Hello, Inside Cycling readers,

In today's edition, we share with you the news of the death of a young pro rider from Belgium. You'll also learn about a German woman who won an ultra-distance cycling event and the Texas nonprofit teaching kids how to have fun on a bike.

— Hailey Hudson

1. Bjorg Lambrecht, a young WorldTour rider, died Monday after a collision. Lambrecht was a 22-year-old Belgian rider who joined Team Lotto-Soudal last year; he showed a lot of promise and talent, winning the U23 Liege-Bastogne-Liege in 2017 and taking home the U23 silver medal at the UCI Road World Championships. Lambrecht also took 12th place at the Criterium du Dauphine this year in June. During the Tour of Poland Stage 3 this week, however, Lambrecht lost control of his bike on a flat road and hit a concrete culvert. Lambrecht was immediately taken to the hospital for emergency surgery. He died on the operating table. Stage 4 of the Tour was canceled, although the rest of the Tour of Poland will continue. — BICYCLING

2. According to San Francisco reporters, one vehicle per minute blocks bike lanes. SFGate staffers spent 30 minutes observing a three-block stretch on Folsom Street, taking note of how often vehicles crossed over into the bike lane and/or stopped. The experiment took place about an hour before weekday rush hour and the street was busy. None of the bike lanes in the area were protected; some were painted bright green while others just had a white line. In 30 minutes, at least 26 vehicles obstructed the bike lanes — not only Uber and Lyft drivers, but also vehicles that were turning right. Some delivery trucks stopped in the bike lane for as much as 27 minutes. The vehicles were all breaking the law. — SFGATE

This is hardly an isolated incident. What type of bike line obstructions have you witnessed? Hit reply to share your stories with me.

3. Jargon Watch: Endo. In cycling, the term “endo” refers to a crash where you go over the handlebars of the bike. It’s short for “end over end,” and it’s a cycling term that we recommend you do not try at home. Alternatively, the word “endo” can also mean a mountain bike trick where a cyclist lifts the rear wheel of the bike into the air while the front wheel stays on the ground. You’re more than welcome to try this kind of endo next time you get on the bike. — YOUTUBE

4. Do you exercise with a kettlebell as part of your cross-training? If not, you should, as a cyclist, according to this coach. Try the three moves that trainer Jillian Michaels recently shared on Instagram. First up is the shoot-through, which involves setting two kettlebells on the floor and gripping them in either a plank or a bear crawl position before shooting your legs through to kick out in front (watch Michaels’ video to see exactly how to perform this move). Next, do a stationary lunge with a one-arm shoulder press to strengthen your glute, thigh and shoulder muscles. And finally, add in some cardio by doing Michaels’ final exercise: skaters, but while switching a kettlebell from hand to hand. — MSN

5. Fiona Kolbinger won the Transcontinental Race. The race is an endurance event that runs between Bulgaria and France; for Kolbinger (a 24-year-old cancer researcher), it took 10 days, two hours and 48 minutes to finish the course. Throughout the 4,000 kilometers (2,485 miles) of the race, riders have to plan and navigate the route themselves. Kolbinger wasn’t expecting to win but said in retrospect that she could have ridden harder. She was the first woman to win the race. — DW

6. Get the State Bicycle 4130 Road for your commute. This bike is affordable, lightweight and has an 8-speed transmission. You might also consider the ABUS 440a Alarm Lock that has a 100-decibel alarm to protect your bike from being stolen, and the ABUS Pedelec 2.0 Helmet that includes a rain hood and built-in LED light. — MAGNETIC MAG

7. Users from the Facebook group Cycling Fun discussed how to prevent excessive sweating with a helmet. Suggestions that were offered include purchasing a well-ventilated helmet; using chapstick on top of the eyebrows so sweat can roll to the side and not in your eyes; and wearing a sweat band such as the Veo Strip. Other cyclists recommended pedaling faster or riding in November. — VEO STRIP

8. The 2019 USA Cycling BMX Freestyle National Championships will be held in Cary, North Carolina. This event is the inaugural championship and will serve to give fans a preview of what they’ll see during the BMX events in the Olympics. The competition begins Oct. 4 and will take place at Cary Action Sports Park. — USA CYCLING

9. Thieves stole $13,000 worth of merchandise from a BikeSource store in Colorado. The thieves backed into the entrance of the store, located in Littleton, with a stolen van and took three bikes that had a collective monetary value of $13,000. Store manager Mike Hernandez said similar smash-and-grabs have happened before, and last time, the store lost $35,000 in bikes. Police are investigating the incident. — BICYCLE RETAILER 

10. Austin nonprofit Ghisallo Cycling Initiative teaches kids about bikes. The children are from the Boys and Girls Club and are taught about outdoor safety, plus simply how to have fun on a bike. The nonprofit also teaches cycling classes in Austin schools. — THE RIVARD REPORT

Inside Cycling is written and curated by Hailey Hudson, an Atlanta freelance writer with a love for all things fitness and sports. Hailey performs an equal mix of journalism and content marketing services for clients such as Sitejabber, Barnes & Noble Education and FloSports. In her spare time, she writes YA novels, tap dances and snuggles with her beagle puppy Sophie. Follow her on Instagram @haileyh412.

Editor: Bobby Cherry (senior editor at Inside, who’s always on social media).

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