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Inside Cycling (Aug 9th, 2019)

Today is Follow Friday, and if you’re looking for more cycling news in your feed, check out not only our #3 feature but this carefully-curated Top 100 list of the best Twitter handles to follow in the cycling world (it’s not quite at 100 yet, so if you have any more to add, let us know). Speaking of cycling news, thanks for reading ours — and feel free to invite friends to subscribe. — Hailey Hudson

1. Cyclists have been banned from gathering at a London-area cafe. The Velolife Cafe was a popular spot for groups of cyclists to gather before and after rides, but when residents made noise complaints, the local council banned cyclist gatherings. Many pro cyclists have taken to Twitter to voice their opinion on this decision — namely, that it’s ridiculous and the cyclists aren’t bothering anyone. The owner of the cafe said he would be forced to close without the cyclists' business. — TELEGRAPH

2. Willing to cycle in the nude? You could be on a Hulu TV series. "Shrill," a series based on the memoir by Lindy West, needs background actors for a shoot the evening of Aug. 14th. Casting company Adam & the Backgrounds put out a call for cyclists who are 18+, can bring their own bike (or rollerblades) to the Portland, Oregon, shoot, and are willing to ride naked. Participants will be paid $12.50 per hour with a four hour minimum, plus $50 extra for nudity; if you’re chosen, be prepared to sign a nudity waiver. To be considered, make a profile on the casting company’s website. — BICYCLING

3. Follow Friday: Gem Rodriguez. If you love breathtaking photos of bikes and mountains — the kind where you can practically smell the fresh air and feel the cool fog lifting off the water just by looking at the image — Gem Rodriguez’s Instagram account could be just the thing to motivate you to get on the bike and get outside.

Gem Rodriguez is a cyclist from Barcelona who keeps track of her bike trips and rides on her Instagram account, @gemgim. She seems to have a knack for finding the most beautiful locations to ride, whether that’s a scenic overlook in Spain, a lakeside in Slovenia, or mountaintops in France. You can also connect with Gem on workout app Strava. — INSTAGRAM, STRAVA

4. A Yorkshire mother wants all bicycles to be sold with lights. Rebecca Roe’s 14-year-old son, Charlie Fox, died after being struck by a car while on his bike. Now Roe has started a petition called “Charlie’s Law” that would require all bikes to be sold with working lights (currently, the law is that cyclists only need working lights on their bike between sunset and sunrise). So far, the petition has over 4,000 signatures; Roe’s goal is to reach 10,000 and elicit a government response. She says she wants bicycles to be sold with lights so it’s easier for riders to comply with the law. She also intends to simply raise awareness, saying “there are no signs up in shops when buying a bike to tell you the law.” — YORKSHIRE POST

5. Pavel Sivakov won the Tour of Poland. Sivakov, a 22-year-old Ineos rider, rode a consistent race and was excited to take the win. Matej Mohoric won the final stage and dedicated his stage victory to Bjorg Lambrecht, the cyclist who passed away earlier in the race. — CYCLING NEWS

6. Facebook users in the group Cycling Fun had a hot debate over whether they wave to other cyclists. Many users said yes; it’s a common courtesy to hail other cyclists on the road. Some people, though, said they don’t wave for fear of being rejected — and others said they prefer a head nod so they can keep both hands on the handlebars. What are your thoughts on this topic? — CYCLING FUN / FACEBOOK

7. You might see benefits from controlling carbs on long rides. This forces your body to use fat for fuel. However, this should be done very carefully; rides like these on a regular basis have negative effects on your recovery. During the season, you should be properly fueling up for long rides. — VELO NEWS 

8. One Boston bike lane has a utility pole in the middle of it. The pole is located on Beacon Street and was supposed to be moved a couple of feet to the right before any work was done on the road — but there was a miscommunication somewhere along the line and instead, a bike lane was painted around the pole. Currently, there is caution tape around the pole while the situation is investigated. — WBZ-TV

9. British Olympic champion Elinor Barker had surgery for a broken collarbone. During the RideLondon Classique last weekend, Chloe Hosking clipped Kirsten Wild’s back wheel and chaos followed; in the crash, Barker broke her collarbone. Barker’s surgery went well and she’s now focused on recovery. “They say you’re not a real cyclist until you’ve broken a collarbone,” she said ruefully. — EUROSPORT

10. When purchasing a cycling jersey, look for moisture-wicking material. A stretchy fabric is important, too, to make you more aerodynamic. Find a jersey that lines up with your style of riding and consider getting a jersey with extra zippered pockets to hold your valuables. Reflective details can be important, too, if you’ll be riding all day long. — CYCLING NEWS

Inside Cycling is written and curated by Hailey Hudson, an Atlanta freelance writer with a love for all things fitness and sports. Hailey performs an equal mix of journalism and content marketing services for clients such as Sitejabber, Barnes & Noble Education and FloSports. In her spare time, she writes YA novels, tap dances and snuggles with her beagle puppy Sophie. Follow her on Instagram @haileyh412.

Editor: Bobby Cherry (senior editor at Inside, who’s always on social media).

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