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Inside Cycling (Nov 20th, 2019)

Young talent for Ineos / SwiftCarbon auction / Fuel up with honey

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1. On December 1, so-called "bike lawyer" Megan Hottman is planning to try to break the Guinness World Record for the longest static cycling class. Hottman and 25 other riders are aiming to pedal for 28 consecutive hours at a Cyclebar in Colorado; each rider will go the equivalent of 250 miles. In the courtroom, Hottman exclusively backs bike riders who have been injured in crashes, and she wants to use this event to benefit the nonprofit PeopleForBikes and raise awareness on bike safety. — SNEWS

2. Team Ineos has signed an 18-year-old Spanish champion. Carlos Rodriguez won the junior Spanish time trial championships the last two years riding with Kometa Cycling’s junior team; he has also taken victories at Gipuzkoa Klasika and the Tour de Gironde. Now he’s signed with Ineos for the next four years. The team plans to make Rodriguez into a climber, and while competing, he’ll also continue working toward his engineering degree. “I think he’s going to be a really good climber in the future,” said Xabier Artetxe, a coach with Team Ineos. — CYCLING WEEKLY

3. By the Numbers: Fewer girls are cycling to school in Ireland. According to an Oireachtas Committee hearing that occurred Wednesday, over 19,000 girls cycled to school in 1986. By 2016, however, just 694 girls were riding their bikes to school. The numbers are even more drastic in rural Ireland. Local cycling group I Bike Dublin says that tens of thousands more people would ride bikes in Dublin if they felt like the roads were safe. — THE JOURNAL.IE

4. The city of Chicago is facing backlash for failing to protect cyclists. According to unidentified bike advocates, Chicago used to be a great city for bicycling, but now it’s falling behind. Three Chicago cyclists have died in less than a month, with the most recent death occurring last Sunday; advocates say the city isn’t following through on its commitments to expand bike lanes and crack down on drivers parking in the lanes. And city data backs it up — only eight percent of the city’s bike lanes are protected, putting Chicago behind New York and San Francisco.  — CHICAGO SUN-TIMES

5. On cold days, says VeloNews, wear winter cycling shoes. Shoes with cleats or spikes can help you get in and out of the pedals more easily. Try wearing Lake MX145 cycling boots or the Northwave Extreme XCM GTX pair; if it gets below 10 degrees Fahrenheit, go for the Lake MXZ400. — VELO NEWS 

6. SwiftCarbon is auctioning off a bike to raise awareness for mental health. Former pro cyclist Jonathan Cantwell, who rode SwiftCarbon bikes and worked for the company, died one year ago at 36. In his memory, SwiftCarbon is auctioning a bike and giving the proceeds to mental health initiatives. The bike has beautiful symbolic colors and lettering, and you can bid on it until the auction ends tomorrow. — CYCLING TIPS

7. Use honey in your next pre-ride meal. According to dietitian Melissa Rolwood, honey can help endurance athletes fuel up. It’s a source of (mostly) unprocessed sugar and simple carbs, which your body breaks down and immediately uses for energy. Honey also absorbs efficiently, so it works fast. — BICYCLING

8. Kids in Finland bike to school even in 1.4 degrees Fahrenheit. Users in the Global Cycling Network Community Facebook group are discussing an article from Bored Panda that highlights kids in the city of Oulu, a place where it gets extremely cold but 1,000 out of 1,200 kids still bike to school. The general consensus from Facebook users: The kids’ dedication is impressive. — BORED PANDA, FACEBOOK

9. Police retracted their suggestion that a Chicago cyclist who was killed Sunday may have been responsible. 40-year-old Lee Luellen was cycling in Grand Crossing when he was hit by a car, later passing away from the collision. At first, police said Luellen was responsible because he was in the middle of the street. Later, however, they conceded that his lane position was not relevant and Luellen had done everything by the book. — STREETSBLOG CHICAGO

10. What do you wish you knew about helmet cams before you bought yours? One Redditor is doing a little crowd-sourcing before making a purchase. “I wish I knew that most helmet cams are a hassle if you ride your bike a lot. They just don't have the necessary battery life to be turned on for multiple hours each day,” said user parsimo2010. NotDavidWooderson added, “In addition to charging things, just the regular tasks required to begin and complete rides take real effort [and] adding futzing with a camera and batteries pushes it over the edge for me.”

Inside Cycling is written and curated by Hailey Hudson, an Atlanta freelance writer with a love for all things fitness and sports. Hailey performs an equal mix of journalism and content marketing services for clients such as Sitejabber, Barnes & Noble Education and FloSports. In her spare time, she writes YA novels, tap dances and snuggles with her beagle puppy Sophie. Follow her on Instagram @haileyh412.

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