Inside Daily Brief - July 3rd, 2016

Inside Daily Brief (Jul 3rd, 2016)

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Two terror attacks in Baghdad killed at least 125 people and injured 150 more. On Saturday evening in Karrada, a suicide car bomb exploded in a busy shopping district where families had gathered to break the Ramadan fast and watch the Euro 2016 soccer tournament. Another bomb exploded earlier today in the Shaab neighborhood. ISIS had again claimed responsibility. Both Karrada and Shaab are largely Shiite areas. – CNN

The North Carolina legislature has approved a revised version of its "bathroom bill." The revisions are very minor ("The lowest of the low-hanging fruit," according to Rep. Grier Martin), which quickly drew the ire of Democratic lawmakers and LGBT rights groups. Untouched was the part of the bill that requires transgender people to use restrooms corresponding to their birth sex. – TIME

Elie Wiesel, the Nobel Prize winner and Holocaust survivor, has died at age 87. Wiesel was best known for his 1960 memoir "Night," which recounted his grim boyhood experiences as a prisoner at Auschwitz, where his mother and sister were killed in the gas chamber. (Wiesel's father was killed by an SS officer's beating.) In 1978, Wiesel was named by President Carter to the commission in charge of creating DC's Holocaust Museum. In 1985, President Reagan awarded him the congressional gold medal. And in 1986, Wiesel was given the Nobel Peace Prize. (He is pictured to the far right in the image below, taken at the Buchenwald camp.) – GUARDIAN

Michael Cimino, perhaps the most divisive filmmaker of American cinema's "New Hollywood" period of the 1970s, has died at the age of 77. Cimino's 1978 film "The Deer Hunter" was among the first to directly address the effects of the war in Vietnam upon blue-collar Americans, and was both a huge critical and commercial success, eventually winning the Best Picture Oscar. Cimino's follow-up film, the notorious "Heaven's Gate," ran wildly over budget and was deeply rejected by critics. "Heaven's Gate" is still considered to be the flop that ended the New Hollywood era, although critical reevaluation of the film led to its recent inclusion in The Criterion Collection. – SLATE

Cereal giant Kellogg's is opening a branded boutique in Times Square on Monday, offering bowls of their more popular brands for as high as $7.50 each. The bowls of Raisin Bran and Frosted Flakes will come garnished with extras like lemon zest or green tea powder, in hopes of justifying the prices. Kellogg's sales have declined over the past decade, and the new boutique is meant to encourage customers to "rethink cereal." – NYT

The Hubble Space Telescope has captured a striking image of Kiso 5639, a "tadpole galaxy"  that - at only 10,000 light years long - is just 1/10th as wide as The Milky Way. The rare dwarf galaxy probably represents a kind of stunting of a normal galaxy. "Tadpoles" were much more common in the early universe, but they generally got "cannibalized" by other galaxies in the formation of larger structures. A dwarf galaxy like Kiso 5639 is likely a remnant of the early universe that never got close enough to another galaxy to be altered by one. (Another theory is that a galaxy like this is simply recently-formed, and is at a stage all go through early-on.) – SLATE

The first images have emerged of Matthew McConaughey in costume for his role as Randall Flagg, the uber-antagonist in the now-filming adaptation of Stephen King's cosmic magnum opus, "The Dark Tower." Idris Elba will play Eastwood-esque protagonist Roland, The Gunslinger, in the adaptation being shepherded by Nikolaj Arcel and Ron Howard. The film is due to open in 2017, but it's unclear yet how much of King's 8-book epic it will adapt. – FANSIDED

A viral video appearing to show fog gathering inside an airplane cabin has been explained by Delta as capturing condensation caused by the mixture of humid temperatures outside the plane and the cooler air inside. – CNN

The New York Times writes about the effect of the House of Representatives' decision to cut back drastically on the huge amount spent yearly by the Pentagon on 130 military bands worldwide, which include not just traditional brass and drum corps, but also jazz ensembles as well as bluegrass, calypso, and rock combos. – NYT


On Face the Nation, Arizona Senator John McCain (appearing with South Carolina senator Lindsey Graham) shared his doubts that either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump could effectively deal with the continuing Mideast crises. Asked whether he plans to support Trump, McCain said he would support "the nominee of the party." Graham, meanwhile, credited Clinton's call for a no-fly zone over Syria as a "step in the right direction." The GOP senators then went on to criticize Obama's strategy in Syria. – CBS

Clinton herself appeared on Meet the Press, granting her first interview since her recent meeting with the FBI about her controversial use of a private email server. Clinton declined to comment about the reports that say charges will not be filed against her in the case. She also said she heard about her husband's meeting with Attorney General Loretta Lynch "from the news," saying the two did not discuss the Department of Justice's review during their brief talk on a tarmac. Reacting to a recent poll that showed Trump leading Clinton by 41%-25% on the "being honest and straightforward" question, the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee said "I know that's something that I'm going to keep working on, and I think that's, you know, a clear priority for me." – NBC

And on CNN's State of the Union, Libertarian nominee and former two-term New Mexico governor Gary Johnson put forth that Donald Trump "has said 100 things that would disqualify anyone else from running for president but doesn't seem to affect him," adding that he thought Trump says "racist things." Johnson was speaking about Trump's recent reference to Muslim hijabs as "heeby jobbies." Johnson also discussed Mitt Romney, who said recently he was considering a vote for Johnson over Trump. – CNN


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