Inside Daily Brief - August 20th, 2016

Inside Daily Brief (Aug 20th, 2016)

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Usain Bolt has finished his record-smashing career with a 9th gold medal at Rio, leading the Jamaican team to victory in the 4 x 100m relay. Bolt, 29, insists the Rio games will be his last. "I've proven to the world I'm the greatest. I can't prove anything else," Bolt said. The Jamaican sprinter holds world records in the 100-m, 200-m, and 4 x 100-m relays.  (Asked to rank himself aside Michael Phelps, Bolt smiled but refused to answer, saying he expected the question.) – TIME

Bernie Sanders plans to return to the campaign trail after Labor Day, hoping to energize young and working-class voters to support Hillary Clinton, his former rival for the Democratic presidential nomination. Sanders endorsed Clinton last month, declaring that a win for GOP nominee Donald Trump would amount to "a disaster for this country." The senator from Vermont also said he plans to stump for Democratic Senate candidates, including Katie McGinty in Pennsylvania, Ted Strickland in Ohio and Maggie Hassan in New Hampshire. – WAPO

Errant Monkee Mike Nesmith will play with his former bandmates one final time at the band's upcoming show at L.A.'s Pantages theater, despite not appearing at any other gig on the band's 50th anniversary tour. Surviving Monkees Micky Dolenz and Peter Tork will go on to perform in Australia and New Zealand. Fourth original member Davy Jones died in 2014. Nesmith quit the "Prefab Four" in 1970 to become one of the oft-heralded progenitors of the California country-rock sound of the 70s. (The Monkees' "Prefab Four" nickname pertains to the band being put together by Bob Rafelson and Bert Schneider for their TV series about an imaginary "Beatles-type" band.) – RS

Some animals are getting second shots at happy lives via 3D printed prosthetics. Paolo Miamoto, a human dentist and part of an all-volunteer rescue group called Animal Avengers, is exceptionally proud of restoring the beak to a greylag goose called Vitoria. The goose was brought to his dental office (where Miamoto produces 3D printed dental and facial reconstructions) after being discovered with most of her beak missing, unable to eat. After two surgeries (the first beak was too big), Vitoria was fit with a new beak and returned to her beach-side home. – NATGEO

A University of Pennsylvania professor has launched a study ("Harry Potter and the Deathly Donald") which suggests that fans of JK Rowling's Wizarding World books are far more likely to vote for Hillary Clinton than Donald Trump. 1000 American Potter fans were polled, and those who had read more Potter books showed a diminished likelihood of also supporting Donald Trump. Rowling expressed her enthusiasm about the study via her Twitter account. – MIC

Ben Affleck is in talks to write and direct a remake of "Witness for the Prosecution" for Fox. Agatha Christie's short story was initially adapted by Billy Wilder in 1957. That version, starring Charles Laughton and Marlene Dietrich, was nominated for six Academy Awards. Affleck is currently in post-production on his film "Live By Night," his second Dennis Lehane adaptation since his directorial debut, "Gone Baby Gone." (There's a mini-Christie remake boom happening at Fox, with Kenneth Branagh directing a remake of "Murder on the Orient Express" for the studio as well.) – VARIETY

31-year-old Shaun Miller (AKA 'Shizz'), a fugitive and suspected drug dealer, disguised himself as an elderly man in an attempt to evade arrest. Massachusetts police were initially thrown-off by the elaborate disguise. Upon closer investigation, authorities yanked off the mask and realized they had their suspect. – CNN

Researchers at Aix-Marseille University in France have determined that hoverflies likely can't sense gravity. The insect (from the family Syrphidae, which includes the familiar dragonfly species) are known for their aerial acrobatics. To determine whether their dynamic in-flight moves are related to a sense of gravity, scientists simulated microgravity by dropping the animals into free-fall in both a dark box and a succession of lit ones. In the darker box, the insects were slower to flap their wings, and 70 percent crashed. In a box filled with light (and striped walls), incidents of crashing were reduced to 10 percent. This implies that the hoverflies don't have a means (such as the inner ear) to sense acceleration, and rely only on sight and airflow to determine their next move. – SCIENCE NEWS


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