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Inside Daily Brief (Sep 11th, 2016)

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Fifteen years later, People Magazine remembers both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton's responses to the terrorist attacks on September 11th, 2001. At the time, Clinton was a junior senator from New York, and Donald Trump was still three years away from his hosting job on "The Apprentice." Clinton visited Ground Zero on the 12th, accompanied by then-mayor Rudy Giuliani. Trump is reported to have visited the site the next day, and was interviewed by a German TV station. – PEOPLE

John Hinckley Jr., who shot Ronald Reagan in 1981 during a failed assassination attempt, has been released from St Elizabeth's psychiatric hospital in Washington. A federal judge ordered the release in July, satisfied that Hinckley Jr. was no longer a danger to himself or others. Hinckley Jr., 61, will move into a Williamsburg, VA. gated community to join his elderly mother. (The 1981 attempt on Reagan's life was inspired by Hinckley Jr.'s fixation with Martin Scorsese's "Taxi Driver" and especially Jodie Foster's performance as an underage prostitute.) – REUTERS

Hillary Clinton was heavily scrutinized this morning for stumbling as she left today's memorial after 90 minutes for a break at her daughter's NYC apartment. The campaign says she overheated. – CNN

Greta Friedman, who claimed for 50 years to be the woman being kissed by a sailor in Alfred Eisenstaedt's famous V-E day photograph, has died at the age of 92. At least three women (and eleven men) have had "prominent claims" that they were one of the figures pictured in the photo. Eisenstaedt didn't keep a record of the identities of the two young people in the photo at the time, and Friedman herself didn't see the photo until the 1960s. The photo, long remembered as a symbol of the exuberance Americans felt after emerging victorious from the bloodiest conflict in human history, has more recently taken on darker connotations. Friedman was born in Austria, and fled the country for American in 1939 when conditions worsened for European Jews. – NYT

A resolution calling for all governments to ban their domestic ivory trade has passed, despite opposition to the plan from Japan, Namibia, and South Africa. The vote was taken on the final day of the International Union for Conservation of Nature's World Conservation Congress. Anti-ivory activists say an elephant is shot "every fifteen minutes" for its tusks, and a startling recent African census showed that poaching had resulted in nearly a third of the elephant population being wiped out. – IPS

Researchers have determined that vitamin D may aid in cutting down asthma attacks. Data from 9 studies was analyzed, and after four months it was clear that sufferers who were given a vitamin D supplement had fewer severe attacks (and required less corticosteroid treatments) than those given a placebo. 1 in 12 Americans suffer from asthma, and there is no known cure. – WAPO

24 separate heroin overdoses were reported in Akron, Ohio on Friday night. Authorities suspect that the heroin in question was laced with painkiller fentanil as well as variant carfentanil, the most powerful opioid in commercial use. Carfentanil is used to sedate large animals, often elephants, and is 10,000 times stronger than morphine. – CNN

China's Foundation for Cultural Heritage Conservation has begun an internet crowdfunding campaign to fund a restoration of the country's Great Wall. Construction on the 13,000 mile wall began in 300 B.C., and it never really stopped as stretches of the wall are constantly being rebuilt or repaired, usually funded by local organizations dedicated to the specific section in need of work. The Chinese government periodically chips in for repairs as well. But by "pooling the contribution of every single individual," project coordinator Dong Yaohui hopes this first internet push will raise the $1.6 million in restoration funds needed to fix "all of the damage." – MENTAL FLOSS

Alexis Arquette, 47-year-old actress and sister to Roseanna, David, and Patricia, died on Sunday morning. Patricia posted two T. Rex songs in Alexis' honor on her Twitter account. Alexis' most famous on-screen moments come during a pivotal scene near the beginning of 1994's classic "Pulp Fiction." (Alexis began her life as Robert Arquette, and her transition was documented in 2007's "Alexis Arquette: She's My Brother.") – VARIETY


CIA director John Brennan appeared on "Face the Nation" to discuss the 9/11 anniversary as well as the current state of counter-terrorism efforts. Brennan insisted that "we've done a lot" and "learned a lot" over the last fifteen years, and that the country is much-less susceptible to a large-scale attack at this point. As far as the fight with ISIS, Brennan pointed to the U.S. and allies territorial gains in the Middle East over the last six to nine months. – CBS

On ABC's "This Week," former NY major Rudy Giuliani told host George Stephanopoulos he approved of Donald Trump's "take the oil" plan for Iraq. “Leave a force back there, and take it, and make sure it’s distributed in a proper way,” Giuliani said. When Stephanopoulos asked if that was legal, Giuliani laughed and responded, "Of course it's legal. It's war. Until the war is over, anything is legal." – ABC

Ex Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz and "one of the prominent advocates for the Iraq War" talked to Chuck Todd on "Meet the Press." Asked about being called "Architect of the Iraq War," Wolfowitz said he disliked the title because he "was not in charge." And in regards to whether the Iraq invasion was the right answer knowing what we now do, Wolfowitz said, "That assumes we know everything now that we needed to know. We know some things now that we didn't know then." – NBC


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