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Inside Deals (Oct 11th, 2018)

1. Fly to Belize for about 40-60% off when you book basic economy flights through American and Delta Airlines, and economy on United Airlines. Tickets are usually about $500, but you can purchase a roundtrip nonstop ticket for as low as $209 today from dozens of cities nationwide, spread out evenly on both coasts and in-between. Many of these routes also include Thanksgiving, but readers will have to pay extra for bags.

  • Product: Roundtrip ticket to Belize
  • Dates: October 2018 - March 2019, while some New York and DC routes have availability through August 2019. All routes exclude Christmas and New Year's Eve, but many cover Thanksgiving. 
  • Deal: 40-60%
  • How to buy: Start with this sample Google Flights search, and adjust dates/cities.
  • Source: Scott's Travel Deals
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2. You can save $275 when you purchase the Dyson V8 Absolute Cordless Vacuum refurbished from Dyson on eBay today. This is a 46% discount on one of The Wirecutter's best cordless stick vacuums, usually worth about $600. Make sure to use the code JUSTDYSON while purchasing.

  • Product: Refurbished Dyson V8 Absolute Cordless Vacuum 
  • Deal: 46% off
  • How to buy: Purchase from eBay using the code JUSTDYSON 
  • Source: The Wirecutter
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3. You could save $1,100 on the LG C8 55/65/77" OLED 4K TV w/HDR today. This is the best TV USA Today says they've ever tested; their TV expert claims his experience was so good, it made other home viewing experiences pale in comparison. Right now Massdrop is offering a 40% discount on the TV, selling the smallest version for $1700 when it's worth usually $2,800 and cutting the price of the largest by $2000. At the time of publication, the sale is still waiting on three more members to commit to purchasing the TV before the site officially launches the deal. It's likely it'll meet that requirement soon, however, so keep an eye on it. 

  • Product: LG C8 55/65/77" OLED 4K TV w/HDR
  • Deal: Up to 40% off
  • How to buy: Purchase from Massdrop through October 15, 2018 (55-inch: $1700/65-inch: $2,300/77-inch: $5,000)
  • Source: USA Today 
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4. Buy custom suits tailored just for you for up to 20% off from Indochino, Kinja Deals' readers favorite custom clothing company. The suits are selling for about $349-$369, but you can purchase these for $299 with the code KINJA18, and get an additional $25 off your first order when you sign up for emails. (Just make sure to unsubscribe later if you don't really want the company spamming you!) Customizations, alterations, and shipping are all included in the price, and styles range from business to more casual. Indochino will also allow you to customize even the tiniest details, such as jacket lapels, pocket flaps, the accent stitching around your buttons, and more. The deal ends midnight on October 14, 2018.

  • Product: Custom suits
  • Deal: 20% off 
  • How to buy: Purchase from Indochino with the code KINJA18.
  • Source: Kinja Deals
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5. Target is offering a mass sale on 15,000 toys right now, slashing prices by up to 25%. Purchase $100 worth of toys and you'll get $25 off; if you buy $50 worth of toys, you'll save $10. This is a good opportunity to get Christmas shopping for the kids or relatives done relatively cheap. Popular toys and board games such as Cards Against Humanity are included in this discount. 

  • Product: Mass sale on 15,000 toys from Target
  • Deal: Up to 25% off
  • How to buy: Purchase from Target 
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6. If you're shopping for a mid-range priced drip coffee maker, check out Cuisinart. One Buy It For Life subreddit user says their machine has lasted them for ten years now despite everyday use! It's no wonder USA Today and Consumer Reports features the brand on its 2018 list of best coffee makers.

  • Product: Cuisinart coffee makers
  • Deal: We couldn't find a discount for this, but think it's an amazing investment for the price. 
  • How to buy: Purchase from Cuisinart
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Written and curated by Sheena Vasani, a freelance journalist based in California. 

Editing team: Lon Harris (editor-in-chief at, game-master at Screen Junkies), Krystle Vermes (Breaking news editor at Inside, B2B marketing news reporter, host of the "All Day Paranormal" podcast), and Susmita Baral (editor at Inside, recent bylines in NatGeo, Teen Vogue, and Quartz. Runs the biggest mac and cheese account on Instagram).

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