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Inside Deals (Jan 11th, 2019)

Consensus Favorite: Hydro Flask Water Bottles

1. Mid-January's quickly approaching, which means you're all about two weeks away from giving up on your New Year's resolution to lose weight. It also means a lot of you are still stocking up on fitness-related gear and discounts, and I'm here to deliver. Last week, I recommended Fitbit fitness trackers, which we've been seeing a lot of deals on recently. This week, we're going to focus on another workout staple: Hydro Flask reusable water bottle, which also happens to be on sale.

After spending 120 hours chugging down "water" in over 90 bottles, The Wirecutter named the Hydro Flask the best. They're not the only fans of this water bottle, either. Experts and random people everywhere also agree this is a solid purchase. USA Today praised the Hydro Flask, calling it the best water bottle of 2019. These guys even wrote the bottle love poems.

So why all the love? Compared to many other models, Hydro Flask retains water temperature and quality the longest. USA Today's Sarah Zorn says the bottle kept her water "refreshingly frosty" and "contained" for 48 hours. It's also incredibly sturdy and durable. Like, really sturdy. These experts decided it'd be a great idea to pelt the Hydro Flask with rocks before trying to crush it with a Toyota Camry and a Chevy Silverado, which is a totally normal and sane thing to do. Despite its owner's serious anger issues numerous attempts, the Hydro Flask remained indestructible. Experts also universally praise how easy-to-use, adaptable, and versatile it is. For example, the bottle is compatible with three kinds of lids, while you can choose between 18-, 32-, 40- and 64-ounce capacities and various colors. 

The downside? If you like to carry your bottle everywhere, it can weigh up to one-pound and so may get a bit heavy. It's also not dishwasher safe, so you'll have to use your hands to wash these. While cheaper than some other high-quality water bottles, it can also get a bit pricey. However, right now Hydro Flask is taking up to 25% off on select expiring colors, such as flamingo, mint, blueberry, lava, and storm. You can even buy The Wirecutter's top Hydro Flask pick for $25, and get free shipping on all bottles when you use promo code BBFS1-V8S59.

  • Product: Hydro Flask
  • Deal: Up to 25% off 
  • How to buy: Purchase from Hydro Flask.

Do you have an awesome recommendation? Or is there a type of product you want to buy the best of, at the best price? Let me know by shooting me an email at! I'll either feature you or research and find the deal on your behalf here.

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2. You can get a Roku Streaming Stick+, one-month of YouTube TV, and $15 in VUDU content for $59. One-month of YouTube TV usually costs $40, while a Roku stick by itself usually costs about $50. Altogether, this bundle is valued at $105, so you're saving about $60.

  • Product: Roku Streaming stick+, one-month of YouTube TV, $15 in VUDU content
  • Deal: 43% off
  • How to buy: Purchase from Walmart.
  • Source: Android Headlines
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3. Fly roundtrip to Copenhagen, Denmark for as low as $327. This deal is available from cities sprinkled across the US, and is offered through American, Air Canada, and Finnair airlines. The first two airlines, however, charge $60 each way for checked bags, so try to book through Finnair if possible. Worth about $850, you're saving up to $527.

  • Product: Roundtrip ticket to Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Dates: January 2019 - April 2019
  • Deal: Up to 59% off
  • How to buy: Use this sample Kayak search, and adjust cities/dates as necessary.
  • Source: Scott's Cheap Flights
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4. Save up to 39% on various TurboTax software packages. You can, for example, buy the normally $90 Turbo Tax Premier + State 2018 package for $55, saving yourself $35, while the $150 Turbo Tax Business 2018 is on sale for $105. Browse through Amazon to check out the other packages on sale.

  • Product: TurboTax software packages
  • Deal: Up to 39% off
  • How to buy: Purchase from Amazon.
  • Source: USA Today
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5. Save $50 on the highly-reviewed 2018 Sony noise canceling headphones. These usually sell for $350, but right now Massgenie's offering it for $300 with free shipping. At press time, one buyer is left for this deal to activate, which historically means it's very likely to happen.

  • Product: 2018 Sony Noise Canceling Headphones
  • Deal: 15% off
  • How to buy: Purchase from Massgenie.
  • Source: Kinja Deals
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That's all for today, folks! Have an amazing weekend. Happy shopping! We'll see you on Monday! - Sheena

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