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Inside Dev (Jul 1st, 2017)


Segment outlined how they implemented Exactly-Once Messaging. Nice architecture overview, including use of Kafka, rocksdb, and bloom filters to make it fast. Exactly-once message sends and receives aren't actually achievable, but exactly-once processing is by way of deduplication. That's what this gets at.

Sebastian Stadil attempted to engineer love by going on 150 dates in 4 months. He did it by automating swipes, automatic messaging and automatic date scheduling. He used A/B testing for which pictures he should use and what messages he should send. The more likes he had meant it was a better result. Yet, he ended up failing, after 150 dates he didn’t manage to find the one.


Introducing GreenPiThumb, a Raspberry Pi gardening bot. GreenPiThumb automatically measures moisture and waters plants. It’s not perfect yet, some times resulting in killing the plants. However, some major lessons were learned including: Nothing is as simple as it seems and test hardware in isolation. Take a look at the back-end and front-end source code.

You know it’s bad when even Microsoft has a problem with TDD. As an early TDD advocate, Eric Gunnerson has some problems with TDD now that he would like to share. Eric advises instead of teaching people TDD, we should “instead be spending time teaching them more about design and especially more about refactoring, because that is the important core skill.” Read the full article; they suggest the pros do not outweigh the cons. Also, take a look at the conversation on the orange website. [ed. I agree with their point on refactoring but the premise is dramatically flawed]

Brad Cypert gave a list of 5 programming languages you should try. In this order his top 5 are, Clojure, Rust, F#, Go, and Nim. Nice list Brad ? , we would probably add Elm and Elixir on there as well. [ed. They’re good languages, Brent.]

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