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Inside Dev (Aug 5th, 2017)


The Dolphin emulator team solved an unbelievably difficult problem: new shaders being JIT compiled caused stuttering in games. The solution? “Write an interpreter for the GameCube/Wii rendering pipeline within shaders and run it on the host graphics card.” They only run the shaders on the interpreter until they’ve JIT compiled them, and it completely solved the stuttering problem. [Ed. If you’d proposed this as a solution I’d have said “it will work but you’ll never actually finish it.” Shows what I know.]

Trail of Bits noticed that Microsoft didn’t sandbox Windows Defender, so they took matters into their own hands. Trail of Bits put it in a sandbox themselves, and open-sourced the tool they created to make it happen. The tool is called ‘Flying Sandbox Monster’ and it’s written in Rust.

Pinterest thinks that Kotlin is at the ‘Peak of Inflated Expectations,’ and builds a case against it. Top reasons for not using Kotlin include a high learning curve, a worse build time, and static analysis. However, let’s make it clear: Pinterest uses Kotlin, and even has some helpful tips for transitioning from Java to Kotlin.

Stack Overflow will no longer accept contributions to Documentation starting August 8th. 15,451 users have contributed to Documentation, and Stack Overflow still thinks highly of the idea. However, at this point in time, there are not enough new users joining Documentation. So, Stack Overflow can’t afford to keep spending time and money on the project.

Marcus Hutchins, who stopped ransomware’s malware from spreading in May, is being detained in the US after DefCon. Authorities arrested him for ‘allegedly creating banking malware.’ Read the full article, and read about what some other hackers did at DefCon this year.

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