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Inside Dev (Aug 26th, 2017)


The Crystal core team has released a series of free videos introducing the Crystal Programming Language. In five episodes, go from installing the language to building a database-backed webserver in under thirty minutes. Crystal’s syntax is heavily inspired by Ruby, though it’s a compiled language that’s wonderfully fast. It also comes with modern tooling, including the above-pictured playground.

Patrick Triest analyzed cryptocurrency markets with Python. Triest provides a tutorial on how to compare different cryptocurrency market prices over the last two years. From setting up your data lab to performing correlation analysis, Triest walks you through how to get the

Michal Konarski has learned some valuable things about programming while using Go. He notes 5 things specifically Go has helped him learn. The top of the list includes ‘ It is possible to have both dynamic-like syntax and static safety’ and that ‘It’s better to compose than inherit’. Take a look the other things he has learned as well.

Anthony Delgado argues that ‘JavaScript is eating the world.’ Delgado list 5 companies that are using a server-side JavaScript engine for their high traffic products. The companies included are Netflix, Paypal, Uber, IBM, and Microsoft. With each company, Delgado briefly discusses what they used before JavaScript and what the change has meant for the company.

Mozilla Hacks deep dives Quantum CSS (aka Stylo), the super fast CSS engine coming to Firefox. QCSS parallelizes many internal calculations, and greatly speeds up the whole process. Part of the unique approach is to build out a giant matrix of CSS rules and DOM Nodes, and calculate their interdependency. Linear algebra ftw, and extra points for sweet artwork in the post.


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