Inside Dev - September 3rd, 2017

Inside Dev (Sep 3rd, 2017)

ARCore, Clippy’s Revenge, and Finding Satoshi

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Google released ARCore, their library for easily producing Augmented Reality experiences. They go into lots of detail in their official announcement blog post. Right now it runs on the Samsung S8 and the Pixel, but they’re targeting 100 million devices by the end of their preview period. Apparently it’s largely a renaming of the existing Tango SDK - but that just means it’s had years of real-world use. Out of the box, it works with Java/OpenGL, Unity and Unreal.

In which Alexander Muse talks about unconfirmed reports of How the NSA identified Satoshi Nakamoto via stylometry. By tracking statistics of word usage and sentence structure, Alexander claims the NSA identified the individual(s) behind Satoshi. Makes one wonder when a project that attempts to mask your identity by shifting words and phrases to match common usage and other authors will appear.

Clippy is back as a plugin for VisualStudio! Go download ClippyVS, and tell your old friend Clippy hello. The extension is still in development, but the author boasts that Clippy is back in most of its original “glory”. Can’t wait for the upgrades: “It looks like you’re trying to compile with syntax errors!”

Let’s rethink drag and drop with Alex Reardon. Alex analyzes what makes a drag and drop interface more beautiful, natural, and accessible. He proposes that physicality is the core design principle that makes the difference -- and made it the main idea behind react-beautiful-dnd.

Deep learning enthusiast Aymeric Damien made a tutorial for beginners on TensorFlow. From ‘hello world’ to training a neural network on multiple GPUs, this tutorial has everything you need to get started with TensorFlow. Go try it out now.

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