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Inside Dev (Sep 18th, 2017)


Benedikt Bitterli combined photography with astronomy and tracked stars with C++11. He was able to track stars, and produce very nice images. He doesn’t claim to be an expert photographer, but looks like he did an excellent job.

Benoit Bernard’s writeup of creating a distributed web crawler in Python is fantastic. With 4 supervisors managing 8 threads each, he managed to crawl over 40 pages/second on a single 512MB DigitalOcean instance. Once he implemented politeness, its distributed nature required architectural changes. Great read but now I want to build a web crawler in Elixir.

Michael Burge injected a Chess Engine into Amazon Redshift. He wrote the chess engine in C, and he has a tutorial on how he did it if you're up for a game of chess. If you don’t want to set it up, you can click through the first game he successfully completed.

Text editors had a big week. Atom introduced Atom IDE, which GitHub has been collaborating on with Facebook. Atom also announced version 1.20. New features include Git integration improvements, find and replace, and PostCSS support. But wait! There is more big news for text editors. Sublime Text 3.0 is here. New sublime features include syntax highlighting improvement, new color schemes, and touch input support on windows and touch bar support on macOS. Also, Emacs 25.3 released

Have you ever wondered how FiveThirtyEight produced nice looking graphs? Wonder no more! Alexandru Olteanu takes you through making a FiveThirtyEight graph in Python. Start from nothing, and produce an aesthetically pleasing graph. Their graphs are cool, but too bad most of their projections after 2012 are wrong.

Development Dregs

Curl Backdoor Threat - The comments are more actionable than the article, but snarky.

Dive Deeper - Improve your code quality with Linters

You should run a linter in your CI setup and in your editor. They will help your team write consistent and better code. Some of them (like Rubocop) can even fix style errors for you. Here are a few we think are fantastic :)

Coala - A unified command-line interface for linting all of your code

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