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Inside Dev (Oct 14th, 2017)


The great debate over proper Software Development Management techniques rages on, with Agile again in the cross hairs. Cutler argues that Agile isn’t a silver bullet, and one still has to do the hard work of continuous improvement on your process. Commenters point out that most people who claim to do ‘Agile’ are doing nothing like it.

Spotify detailed how it makes personal music recommendations with machine learning. The Discovery Weekly playlist has three different models, Collaborative Filtering, NLP & Audio. Learn more about how each model works, and how your personal playlist is generated.

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Andy Rubin-backed Owl Labs just launched a robotic video conference camera
Owl Labs’ new camera, called the Meeting Owl, is a robotic video conference camera that captures a 360-degree view of a meeting space. It uses audio and visual data to automatically shift focus to show whoever is talking. Read the full story on The Verge.

Mozilla continues its recent history of spitting fire, with a great writeup on how moving from the CPU to GPU for motion removes choppiness and makes for a better web experience. Check out how WebRender gets rid of jank.

GitHub introduced ‘Discover’ and completely redesigned ‘Explore’. The Discover feed will be based on other projects you have starred, or creators you have followed. Take a look at the new Discover Feed, try out the new Explore page, and read about the updates in full-detail on GitHub’s blog.

Michael Lynch walks through how to do a Code Review like a human. From what a code review is, why it's hard, and a step-by-step simple guide to get started this article covers it all. Some tips Michael advise include, settling style arguments with a style guide, starting high level and working down, and tying notes to principles instead of opinions.

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Development Dregs

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