Inside Dev - October 16th, 2019

Inside Dev (Oct 16th, 2019)

Ionic React / WebSockets Inspector Out In Firefox / Strapi Raises $4M For Headless CMS

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1. Ionic React is now generally available. This is a React version of the Ionic Framework for building Progressive Web Apps, a well as iOS, Android, and desktop apps. To learn how to install Ionic React is v4.11, Ionic React's first version, check out the Ionic Framework post. Ionic also provides this tutorial to teach developers how to use it. - REACT STATUS

2. Mozilla announced developers can now use the WebSocket inspector, which will be officially released in Firefox 71. The new feature is available for use in Firefox Developer Edition 70. Although Mozilla is releasing it now, the team says it will continue to update it, adding a Binary payload viewer and more in future releases. Click here for more details about planned new features.

3. Strapi announced it raised $4 million in a seed funding led by Accel and Strapi will use the money for its free open-source, JavaScript-based, customizable Headless CMS for developers. The founders of Docker and Cloudup,, Next.js and, and the ex-CTO of Cloudera also participated in the round. - TECHCRUNCH

4. Npm is moving back to its developer roots, its founder and Chief Open Technologies officer Isaac Schlueter said. In an interview with Tech Republic, Schlueter says npm is moving away from a direct-to-enterprise approach back to one that is bottom-up, and developer-led. "A bottom-up strategy gives you the chance to really focus on the day-to-day welfare of the developers who work for and with you," Schlueter explains  "A top-down strategy introduces friction: You're constantly selling something you don't yet have." - TECH REPUBLIC

5. Mozilla is trying to pressure Google into making its YouTube algorithms more accessible to independent researchers. The tech giant has launched a campaign called #YouTubeRegrets in which users have been sharing YouTube "horror stories" where they searched for one thing but landed somewhere else. Mozilla says Google should let researchers figure out how the site makes it recommendations to help change this, as well as to hold Google accountable. "That's the old era of 'Trust us, we've got this,'" Ashley Boyd, Mozilla's vice president of advocacy, said in response to YouTube claiming in June it implemented 30 changes this year that led to a 50% drop in time spent watching harmful misinformation, said. "Show us your work." -INSIDE GOOGLE via CNET

This story first appeared in Inside Google. If you want to keep up-to-date with more Google news, you can subscribe here.

6. A UX designer who works on Firefox Developer Tools summarizes the various new and experimental CSS DevTools features in Firefox Mozilla has released since launching the Grid inspector. It dives into all seven tools, such as the Flexbox Inspector, Shape Path Editor visual editing tool and Fonts Editor, while giving instructions on how to use these. Finally, the article also delves into potential features developers may see in the future, like back and forward buttons that would ease navigation between recently visited elements. - SMASHING MAGAZINE

7. The Chrome UX Report reveals some countries and territories in the world still access the Internet over a 3G or slower connection. According to the report's data, less than five percent of global traffic has a 3G effective connection type. This graph shows the majority of individuals accessing slow internet are based predominantly in Africa, some parts of South America, and Asia. - @PAULCALVANO

8. MySQL announced it has decided to support OpenSSL in MySQL 5.6, 5.7 and 8.0, and will be building all of the binaries it provides with OpenSSL. The team says it will be eliminating support for YaSSL and WolfSSL. "This will allow us to focus our efforts on developing more interesting MySQL features instead of maintaining integration with multiple SSL/TLS libraries," a MySQL blog post reads. - MySQL

9. In this blog post, Facebook's engineering team reflects on the recent Systems @Scale event. The piece summarizes some of the main talks from speakers at companies such as Etsy, Google, LightStep, Squarespace, and Uber about topics like the concept of deep systems, novel visualizations of complex distributed traces, and more. The piece also includes recordings of these presentations. - FACEBOOK 

10. Check out Webwide, a new discussion community for web designers and developers that emphasizes inclusivity. The ad-f-free is a non-profit passion project offering opportunities for design feedback, networking, making new friends, code challenges, and more. Users can either join for free, or browse as a guest. - WEBWIDE

Written and curated by Inside Dev and Inside Deals Editor Sheena Vasani, a freelance journalist based in California. Proficient in Javascript and Ruby. Got my start at Dev Bootcamp and Thinkful. I tweet at @SheenaVasani and specifically about web development at @InsideDev2.

Edited by Bobby Cherry, a senior editor at who also curates Inside Pittsburgh.

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