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Inside Dev (Dec 9th, 2019)

.NET Core 2.2 EOL / Certbot 1.0 / PHP Report / Dev, UX Converging / Zero BS CRM 3.0

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1. Microsoft is reminding users that .NET Core 2.2 will reach its end of life on Dec. 29. After that date, the company will no longer release patch updates including revised packages of container images for this .NET Core version. Users are encouraged to update to .NET Core 3.1, which was released on Dec. 3. For instructions on how to upgrade, Microsoft has provided documents. - MICROSOFT

2. The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) released Certbot 1.0, its free, open-source tool to help websites easily encrypt their traffic. According to the EFF, Certbot is a part of the organization's attempt to push for a fully encrypted web using HTTPS. Since its inception in 2015, a number of new features have been added, such as support for over a dozen DNS providers for domain validation, automatic nginx configuration, and beta support for Windows. - EFF

3. More and more PHP developers are using PHP 7.3 since May 2019, the latest version of Private Packagist's "PHP Versions Stats - 2019.2 Edition" reveals. Overall, the majority of PHP developers were using more recent PHP releases, which is good for security purposes, although the survey admits PHP 5.6 "is still holding on a bit more than it should." Since it was just released on Nov. 28, data for PHP 7.4 usage is not yet available. - PACKAGIST

4. Software engineer roles will require UX designer mastery in the future, Gabriel Ruttner, co-founder and CTO of FeatherDocs and Udacity instructor on developer-designer interaction, predicts. Ruttner made the prediction during a discussion with Udacity's Matt Hui, where talked about how the two fields are converging while also diving into the different ways software and UX professionals tackle problems. In the conversation, Ruttney urged software engineers to start talking more to UX designers and learning from them while being patient to stay ahead; that's because, as he notes from his personal experience, coming from a UX design mindset changes the way one approaches codes. "The first thing I like to do is sit there and bash out code. Maybe it doesn't work very well, but it takes that idea that I have in my brain and makes it something that people can use," he says. "[Working more closely with UX design, however], "I've realized that's not really the best place to start." - ZDNET

5. Free WordPress plugin Zero BS CRM 3.0 has been released. The first major release since Automattic purchased the plugin in August, it comes with custom database tables, which should make it faster for users to access data. In addition, the new version comes with a more extendable foundation, which "opens the door for more extendibility in the future,” said Mike Stott, “and through an improved API in 2020 will allow for us to do more work across platforms and open up our CRM tools to more people." - WORDPRESS TAVERN

6. In case you missed it, the latest version of PHPStan, a static analyzer for PHP focused on finding bugs in your code, is now available. PHPStan 0.12 implements generics, introduces the 0.11.x level, offers PHAR distribution by default, and much more. For a full list of new features, check out the release notes. - PHPSTAN / MEDIUM

7. The Golang team has released Go 1.13.5 and Go 1.12.14. These minor releases come with fixes to the go command, the runtime, the linker, and the net/http package. Check out the release notes for more details about updates. - GOOGLE GROUPS

8. In honor of the optional chaining operator advancing to stage 4 last week, one developer created a regex to help fellow JavaScript developers find places where they can use it in their codebase. You can check it out here. Note, however, as this feature is not native to the language yet, will need to use this babel.js plugin to convert it.

9. In case you need a refresher or you're just learning front-end development, this is a handy thorough guide to some of the most important concepts in CSS. Topics include specificity hierarchy, document flow, positioning, layouts, and responsive design. The post also offers a brief HTML basis refresher. - TANIA RASCIA

10. Web designer Brad Frost writes about the parallels between web design and development and music, offering some interesting insights about both industries as he does so. For example, he notes how his career trajectory as a musician is similar to the trajectory of the web industry. "The web is still young. In our eagerness to get better, we’re reaching for more complexity...[but] I hope we in the web field will arrive at the same realization that I did as a musician: complexity is not synonymous with quality. Not everything needs to be At Scale." - BRAD FROST

Written and curated by Inside Dev and Inside Deals Editor Sheena Vasani, a freelance journalist based in California. Proficient in Javascript and Ruby. Got my start at Dev Bootcamp and Thinkful. Follow me on Twitter.

Edited by Bobby Cherry, a senior editor at who also curates Inside Pittsburgh.

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