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Inside Dev (Dec 10th, 2019)

1. The IBM Research team open-sourced its Browser Functions platform. This is a serverless platform IBM uses internally capable of deploying front-end code on the back-end. It allows developers to essentially perform full-stack development using just Web APIs; for example, if you needed to blur an image, you could just use a CSS filer on an imgtag while using the desktop web browser to develop and debug the back-end code on local machines. - IBM / MEDIUM | GITHUB

2. Npm, Inc. has released a new tool called npm Pro. The tool offers private packages for independent JavaScript developers, allowing those working on side projects and other solo coding pursuits the ability to create, maintain, and upgrade packages outside of the public registry. Npm Pro also offers tools that do not have team-centric functionality. “Launching npm Pro allows us to fill an important gap in the spectrum of JavaScript development,” said Daniel Sauble, npm Product Manager, in a press release. “Solo working professionals have unique problems they need solved, just like open source contributors and enterprise development teams do. npm Pro solves these problems.” - NPM

3. Java ranked in at No. 1 on the TIOBE Index for December. The TIOBE Index ranks language popularity according to search engine data. At 17.253%, it rose 1.32% from last month, while C# also rose +1.35 percent up the charts and Python increased by 1.93 percent. However, while Java dominated December's rankings, TIOBE Index says Python is the top contender for the top programming language of 2019. The Index will release its official rankings for 2019 in January. - JAXENTER

4. Kubernetes 1.17 is now available. This latest release comes with the general availability of cloud provider labels, the beta versions of the Kubernetes Volume Snapshot feature and the migration of in-tree plugins to the Container Storage Interface (CSI). Other new changes include IPv4/IPv6 Dual Stack Support, the stabilization of 14 new features, and more, which you can check in full over on the changelog. - KUBERNETES | GITHUB

5. Chance the Rapper collaborated with Google to turn one of his songs into a game coded by Chicago Public School students. The students coded their own superheroes in a game called SuperMe, which the rapper turned into the official video game for his song "I Love You So Much." Google donated $250,000 to Chance’s nonprofit SocialWorks and to Chicago Public School students for the computer science education initiative. - WBBM-TV

Written and curated by Inside Dev and Inside Deals Editor Sheena Vasani, a freelance journalist based in California. Proficient in Javascript and Ruby. Got my start at Dev Bootcamp and Thinkful. You can follow me on Twitter here

Edited by Bobby Cherry, a senior editor at who also curates Inside Pittsburgh.

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