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Inside Dev (Dec 11th, 2019)

1. The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) announced it will delay approving the sale of the .org registry to private equity company Ethos Capital. ICANN explains it has requested more information about the acquisition, thus postponing the purchase. The organization says it has asked the Public Interest Registry (PIR) for more details about how the new operation structure will "adhere here to the terms" of its present agreement with PIR, and how exactly PIR plans "to act consistently with their promises to serve the .ORG community." Their announcement comes after thousands protested the sale, including organizations like the Free Software Foundation and the Wikimedia Foundation. Many were particularly concerned about the purchase after The Register revealed Ethos Capital may have connections to the former CEO of ICANN. The Register reports the Ethos Capital domain name was registered by Fadi Chehade, the former head of ICANN. - DNW

2. Full-stack engineers are among LinkedIn's top five "Emerging Jobs." The list ranks jobs that have seen the highest hiring growth in the past four years. The position ranked in at number four, growing by 35% since 2015. Meanwhile, the site reliability engineer role came in at number five, increasing by 34 percent. Artificial intelligence specialist roles – which require knowledge of technologies like TensorFlow and Python – topped the list, growing by nearly 75 percent. - MARKET WATCH

3. Most companies feel confident their APIs are secure, the 2019 Postman State of the API report reveals. Nearly three-quarters of respondents said they felt their APIs were "very secure" or have "above-average security." Postman surveyed over 10,00 API developers, testers, and executives for the report. They also found that an increasing amount of non-developers were working with APIs, including technical writers and executives. Meanwhile, more than half of the respondents felt documentation was below average or not well documented, with 63.5 percent saying the most helpful improvement API providers can make would be to add examples in the documentation. - SDTIMES

4. The Git project announced 11 new releases are now available to fix various security flaws found in previous versions. These include Git v2.24.1, v2.23.1, v2.22.2, v2.21.1, v2.20.2, v2.19.3, v2.18.2, v2.17.3, v2.16.6, v2.15.4, and v2.14.6. The new releases fix vulnerabilities making it easy for attackers to remotely execute code, overwrite arbitrary paths, and/or overwrites files in the .git/ directory. For further details about the exact bugs they fix, and instructions on how to upgrade, click here. - LWN.NET

5. The U.S. National Labor Relations Board has launched an official investigation into Google after the company fired former Google software engineers Rebecca Rivers and Laurence Berland, as well as two other ex-Googlers. The agency will spend three months investigating whether the tech giant broke labor laws and if it discouraged workers from union activity. The news comes after Google fired all four, arguing they'd violated policies concerning accessing and sharing internal documents and calendars. However, the four allege Google fired them to quash worker organizing, thus violating federal labor laws. - CNBC

6. Xdebug 2.9, a PHP extension used in debugging and development, is now available. According to the Xdebug team, this new version accelerates code coverage by 250 percent in comparison to Xdebug 2.7. When the extension's creator, Derick Rethams, tested it, he found it took a little over one minute to run a suite with code coverage for the Document package, which is 2.5 times faster than previous versions. Other new features include support for the variable display functionality to include PHP 7.4's new typed properties, as well as the deprecation of the xdebug.remote_handler setting and the undocumented profiler aggregate feature. - XDEBUG

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