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Inside Drones (Oct 5th, 2016)

Last week we tried out a new addition to Inside Drones, with the top 5 videos of the week. This time we're focusing on one video, with a closer look at the story behind it. If you'd like to see more weekly content like this, hit "Reply" and let us know - we always appreciate your feedback! - Chris

Flite Fest 2016: Drone falls from the back of a model plane

This week we take a look inside Flite Fest 2016, an annual aviation event that took place in Malvern, Ohio this past June. In this nearly 9-minute vlog, drone racer and YouTuber UmmaGawd (aka Tommy Tibajia from Rotor Riot) took his quad drone to the event and nearly pulled off an impressive stunt with a radio-controlled model cargo plane.

Starting at around the 3:50 mark, Tommy T loaded his drone inside the hold of the plane, which flew up to an altitude of 400 feet before the drone dropped out the back like a squadron of Navy Seals. The goal was to recover from the fall, fly after the plane and land back in the cargo hold. It didn’t quite go as planned, but they still got some cool footage set to “Danger Zone,” and managed not to break the drone while they were at it.

This was the third annual Flite Fest, now one of the largest radio-controlled flying events in the world, with more than 4,100 people representing 48 states, parts of Canada and eight other countries. It was founded by Flite Test, an online community and YouTube channel for people passionate about DIY model planes, drones and all things airborne.  This year they set a new Guinness World Record for the most radio-controlled planes in the air at once, hitting at least 175.

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