Inside Drones - October 12th, 2016

Inside Drones (Oct 12th, 2016)

For this week's featured video, we're taking a look at how one drone enthusiast is turning his hobby into a colorful business venture. Know of any other innovative drone-based companies we should keep an eye on? Hit "Reply" and let us know. - Chris

This is Fall Foliage in Groton Vermont - October 8th

The autumn colors are hitting their peak in New England — but if you can’t make it up to Vermont to see the trees for yourself, you can check out this stunning footage from Green Mountain Drone, an aerial photography YouTube channel that’s branching out (no pun intended) into a small business.

Seth O’Brien and his girlfriend Gwen Considine started Green Mountain Drone while they were joining the Vermont 251 Club last winter, visiting all 251 towns in the Garden State. Seth works in IT, loves technology and does outdoor photography as a hobby, so using drones to document their travels around Vermont was a good fit. 

“It’s really amazing how far the technology has come in the past couple of years,” he told his local Fox station WFFF-TV in September. (Check out the full interview for his advice on how new drone operators can get started.) "Definitely three or four years ago, I never would have imagined that I could have a flying 4K camera in the sky that I could control."

Right now Green Mountain Drone is just sharing the videos on Facebook and YouTube for fellow Vermonters to enjoy, but Seth is hoping to do some commercial operations as well. “The FAA just passed some new guidelines making that easier. We’ve had quite a lot of requests to film for real estate and events, which currently we haven’t been able to do; but we’re hoping within the next month or so to start doing it commercially.”

You can follow Green Mountain Drone on YouTube and Facebook, and keep an eye on their new website,

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