Inside Drones - October 19th, 2016

Inside Drones (Oct 19th, 2016)

Our latest Video of the Week shows how drone technology and a bit of ingenuity can transform independent filmmaking. Know of any other cutting-edge producers we should keep an eye on? Hit "Reply" and let us know. -- Chris


This week we’ve got a really cool experiment in filmmaking from YouTuber rctestflight (aka Daniel Riley from Stratus Productions in Utah), who turned a drone into a floating high-powered spotlight by attaching a 1,000 watt LED light bar to a Freefly Alta 8.

Riley spends the first part of the video explaining his modifications to the drone, including landing gear and an extra power source to keep the setup running for about 10 minutes at a time. “The Alta is the perfect drone for carrying this light because it has super-bright navigation LEDs on each arm that make it really easy to stay oriented at night,” he says. “You can even change the color and brightness of the lights from your smartphone via the Alta Configuration app. Also, the SYNAPSE flight controller is super predictable and reliable. This makes the Alta super easy to fly at night, especially while in GPS mode.”

The result is some amazing nighttime footage of farmland, abandoned buildings, bridges and forests, transformed into some truly artistic shots as the roving LEDs highlight shadow and color. 

Don’t miss the behind-the-scenes video for a closer look at the technical side of the project.

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