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Inside Drones (Oct 28th, 2016)

Today in drone news: Icarus drone-commandeering system, Mavic Pro delays, Buoyancy gliders, Imperial Probe drone, Trevor Bauer trolled, Shift "stick and thumb control" drone

Security researcher Jonathan Andersson has developed a new system, called Icarus, which can commandeer a drone mid-flight. While other drone jammers can disconnect a drone from the pilot's control, the Icarus system actually allows for a takeover of controls, relying on "timing attack vulnerability" to cause the drone to reject its owner's signals and accept the Icarus's instead. However, the Icarus is specific to drones that use the DSMx signal protocol. – ENGADGET

Gizmodo argues that DJI is misleading customers about recent delays in shipment of the Mavic Pro. While DJI released a statement last week that shipments of the drone were finally commencing, only a tiny faction of the orders have shipped. On top of that, customers are having trouble getting updates on their orders from the company. In an email to DJI resellers (who are also having little luck getting their hands on Mavic Pro units), a DJI rep admits that only a few drones were shipped in order to "comfort the market." DJI customers have created a shared Google spreadsheet to keep track of customer orders and shipments, and so far only 25 of the 525 customers who placed pre-orders have received their drones. – GIZMODO

The U.S. Navy has begun to outfit its destroyers with buoyancy glider drones to potentially track enemy submarines. The gliders have no engine, and use shifting buoyancy to move through the ocean. The lack of an engine, of course, makes the glider drones virtually invisible to radar. The drones, which look like cruise missiles, were initially developed to supply autonomous drones that could spend long periods in the ocean. – POPULAR MECHANICS

YouTube user ajw61185 has uploaded a video of his homemade Star Wars Imperial Probe Droid drone in action. The drone's creator, who makes a cameo as a Tauntaun-mounted rebel, maintains that he only makes his Star Wars drones for fun, and they are (sadly, perhaps) not for sale. – NERDIST

Chicago Cubs mega-fan Jason Mollett perfectly trolled Cleveland Indians pitcher Trevor Bauer by sending him a miniature drone. The Indians are playing The Cubs in the latter's first World Series in 108 years. Starting pitcher (and drone enthusiast) Bauer made the news during the American League Championship Series regarding a cut on his pinky he got while fixing his drone: During Game 3, Bauer had to leave the mound after just two-thirds of an inning when the cut ripped open and he began bleeding all over the mound. Bauer tweeted out an image of the mini-drone with the text, "I see the @Cubs fans love me! How nice of them to send me a gift!"  – YAHOO SPORTS

A new crowdfunding campaign has begun for Shift, a drone that can be flown with one hand, using a stick and thumb ring. The design team behind Shift say the stick and thumb ring is an easier, more intuitive way to fly a drone, and more appealing to beginners. The Kickstarter campaign has already received $50,000 in pledges. The company is hoping for a debut in May 2017 if funding goals are reached. – NEW ATLAS

Here's where we're gonna turn it over to you: What do you readers think of this? Is a drone you can fly with one hand appealing? Will it help out beginning drone pilots? Hit REPLY and let us know what you think! And thanks for reading!

Iran has unveiled an amphibious drone capable of stealth suicide missions. This makes the second military drone announced by Iran so far this month. The drone is reportedly designed for suicide attacks against land and sea targets, but its primary usage is maritime surveillance. The drone is said to be flyable from just two feet above the water to 3,000 feet in the air. It's also got a powerful military-grade camera that works in the dark as well as in damp sea situations. – RT


At the drones sub-reddit, user austinallen01 has posted an image of his DJI order update with the headline, "It shipped, it finally shipped!" 

wegocreative asks, "What all comes with the 'Fly Pro' combo?"

usernotfoundhere writes, "When did you order?"

CommentNameHere says, "My order number is about 10000 below yours but nothing yet. Congrats on the inbound toys! You'll have to post impressions because I'm having serious urge to go with the Karma in the interim."

Elsewhere on the sub-reddit, user Pmmjlab47 shares some pretty cool drone footage of a bear swimming in south-central Oregon's Upper Klamath Lake.


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