Inside Facebook - August 8th, 2017

Inside Facebook (Aug 8th, 2017)

FB $200 target price / Data Protection Bill / Real estate ads

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$FB (10:52 a.m. EST): $171.86 (↓ 0.07%) // 90-day high: $172.45 // 90-day low: $144.85 // More info

MKM analyst Rob Sanderson raised his price targets for Facebook, Alphabet, and Twitter on Monday.  Sanderson predicted double-digit growth for all three stocks over the coming months, and raised Facebook's price target to $200 from $180. The analyst cited the "improved valuation" of the company over concerns about slowing growth; the deceleration of growth has proved to be "manageable," he wrote. — MARKETWATCH

The United Kingdom has proposed a strict law to protect social media users from data collection. The Data Protection Bill would enable people to delete personal information, posts, and photos from social networks. The legislation also seeks to make it easier to force an organization to reveal the data it collects about individual users. The bill grants the Information Commissioner the power to levy fines of up to £17 million ($22 million) against companies who break the rules. — CNN

The Oculus portal now supports off-platform titles for Rift. Previously, gamers had to navigate their settings and use the PC desktop to launch VR content purchased elsewhere. The update allows faster access to any Rift-compatible app, whether it comes from Steam or anywhere else. The update also has a Parties feature that lets Rift owners chat across apps. — TECHCRUNCH

Facebook launched its first targeted ads for residential real estate. "Dynamic Ads for Real Estate" connects to a brokerage's search data, then shows that user relevant listings on Facebook and Instagram. The ad product seeks the key revenue for Zillow, which advertises to prospective home buyers and sellers. "Real estate is an area where we're betting big," said Facebook's chief of real estate and financial services Keith Watts. — GEEKWIRE

Facebook reportedly earned $188,000 per employee last quarter. That's four times more than Google's parent company Alphabet earned per employee during the same period, at $46,610. Facebook employed 20,658 people this past quarter, a 43 percent increase over the second quarter of last year, in which the company earned $157,503 per employee. Facebook relies on a host of contract workers that don't count toward the number of employees. — RECODE

Oculus has introduced a new rendering technology that improves GPU performance. The technique is called "stereo-shading reprojection" and can reduce the GPU load by 20 percent. Typically it is necessary for VR apps to render images twice, once for each eye. The new technology renders the pixels once and then reprojects the image to the other eye, using shading and buffers to accommodate the slightly different perspective of each eye. Oculus released its last rendering improvement (asynchronous spacewarp) last year. — VRFOCUS

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